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Tin Star - Season 3 on Sky: Tim Roth breaks everything

He's not a good cop for a long time: Tim Roth whistles on his badge in the third and final season of the neo-western series "Tin Star" (from February 4th on Sky), turns his back on Canada and pulls a trail of blood through it Liverpool.

It's a pretty long list that Jack (Tim Roth) has in his hand: After two pretty bloody seasons in the Canadian wilderness, the cop is returning for the finale of the Sky series "Tin Star" (starting February 4th) Home. He still has some bills to settle in Liverpool, with all the men and women on his long list.

The positive side effect of the note: Because Jack, his wife Angela (Genevieve O'Reilly) and daughter Anna (Abigail Lawrie) simply work it off, the dark revenge series is easy to get into, even without knowing the history. What happened in the first two seasons does matter, but it doesn't really matter. After all, Jack doesn't want to hide from his past anymore, but instead wants to blow out the lights. And with one or the other big bang.

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It won't be easy: Jack's former nemesis, gang boss Michael Ryan (Ian Hart), has now risen to become a very wealthy real estate mogul. The laws of capitalism are also taking effect in Liverpool: With a lot of money you can buy a lot, with the help of police chief Catherine McKenzie (Tanya Moodie) even a clean slate. But stain remover doesn't work against Jack.

Alcohol, excessive violence, murder and manslaughter: "Tin Star" remains true to itself, has merely exchanged Canada's majestic expanse for Liverpool's narrow streets. There Jack and his family shoot their way through the finale of a neo-western series that continues to place more emphasis on theatrics than plausibility. The macabre humor and the stylistic "Fargo" borrowings definitely make up for it.

Tim Roth, Quentin Tarantino's cult actor ("Reservoir Dogs", "Four Rooms"), will continue to celebrate orgies of violence. In the new Marvel series "She-Hulk" he will return as a subscription to Disney + in 2022. Roth played the destructive villain in "The Incredible Hulk" (2008), the lousiest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The fact that the MCU creatives let him out of the basement doesn't have to be a bad omen for the series: Roth was the only bright spot in a film that didn't have much to offer besides orgies of destruction.Watch "Tin Star" with Sky Ticket. *

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