How is a peristaltic pump used

Peristaltic pumps are the perfect solution for most applications - especially when particularly abrasive, corrosive or viscous liquids are to be conveyed. Since the pumps do not have any valves, seals or sockets, maintenance is inexpensive. The hose is the only spare part. Peristaltic pumps also offer a gentle pumping action, which is ideal for shear-sensitive polymers and sensitive cell cultures. In addition, the only part of the pump that comes into contact with the pumped medium is the inside of the hose. It is therefore easy to sterilize or clean the internal surfaces of the pump.

Sealless construction
Peristaltic pumps have no seals, so they avoid leaks from corrosive chemicals and constant maintenance.

Low maintenance costs
The only wearing part is the hose. A relatively inexpensive item that can be changed quickly and easily.

Can run dry and self-priming
Peristaltic pumps do not have to be constantly filled with fluid. The pumps can run dry without causing expensive breakdowns or repairs. The return of the hose to its original state creates a strong suction effect and enables the pump to pump liquids with air pockets or liquids that can give off gas.

Gentle pumping action
Peristaltic pumps have a gentle pumping action with low shear forces and are therefore ideal for shear-sensitive products such as flocculants and nutrient solutions.

Large suction lift
The strong suction effect that occurs when a reinforced hose returns to its original state, ensures suction heights of up to 9.5 m of water in hose pumps.

Abrasion resistance
The service life of the hose does not depend on the abrasive properties of a product. The hose only fails due to material fatigue or chemical influences.

Conveying solids
Verderflex peristaltic pumps can handle sludge with a content of up to 80% organic solids or 15% organic sludge.

Reversible direction of rotation
The direction of rotation of peristaltic pumps is reversible. This can be B. can be used to empty lines and remove blockages.

No product loss
The pumps have no internal backflow, so you can dose precisely without product leaking.

Precise dosage
The pumps are precise in metering. You achieve a repeat accuracy of ± 1% and a measuring performance of ± 5%.