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Ideas for a gap year abroad

The gap year doesn't always have to be a full year off. Breaking out of the hamster wheel for two months works wonders.

But what to do in the gap year?

You decide on a gap year to think about it, to switch off, to find out what actually interests me, where I want to go, what changes I need in my life in order to try new things, to find a passion, to awaken talents, to clear my head and just doing something different than driving to work every morning and wiping the dust.

There are many reasons for a sabbatical.

But what do I do in a gap year?

What do I do with so much time?

I recently started out from a nine month residency new York returned home. I don't want to settle down now. Off to the next adventure.

But where? And what exactly do I want to do there? Depend? Teaching? Work? Sailing?


For a gap year of less than three months this is a good idea voluntary work very good. There are many options for volunteering: You can teach, support a community, build accommodation, help in nursing homes or work with animals.

How about one Language course during your sabbatical year? A language is best learned where it is spoken. A language trip often makes it possible to live with a local family where you can apply your language skills straight away. No matter how old you are, there are language trips for 30plus and 50plus. By the way, there are also courses that are designed for Business English or Business Spanish. You can also combine language trips with internships, volunteer work or vacation.

Do you know the expression Hand against bunk? Great idea to switch off at sea. In return for work on board, you can sail along. Experienced sailors often seek active support at sea. Sailing experience is not necessary.

How I think are becoming a trend Long-distance hiking trails become. Have you ever thought about it? The most famous pilgrimage for a break is probably the Way of St. James. The Pacific Crest Trail is also becoming increasingly popular. The selection of long-distance hiking trails - whether complete or in stages - is huge in Europe alone.

For those who can't walk, there might be longer bike or Inline tours through Europe for your sabbatical year?


It is worth taking a break for more than three months Internship abroad. Internships abroad are not only interesting for students or graduates. There are now a large number of specialist internships or Internships for managers over 30. Perhaps you would like to use your gap year to reorient yourself or apply your technical background knowledge in a different culture?

A language course is usually taken for two to eight weeks. Do you have more time? Maybe the combination will come Language course & internship for you in question?

You can also have a Multi Language Year do. This is a language trip that can take several months to learn two or three languages. In this long-term language course, for example, you travel to Madrid for two months to learn Spanish, then to Paris for two months to learn French and finally to London for three months to improve your English.

For a gap year in the summer there are Summer camps at. There you help in looking after children. So far I have only seen summer camp offers in Canada and the USA.

A sabbatical should always be a must Contrast to everyday life be. Perhaps working on a farm is a good idea for you as an office jobber or city kid? Wwoofing (World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a community in which groups help on organic farms and farms. Usually you don't get paid for wwoofing. Experience and closeness to nature are paramount here. Australia, New Zealand but also Japan or Canada are for the so-called Farmstay very popular.


In up to a year off from work and everyday life, you can tear a lot. A gap year of up to 12 months requires a lot of planning for both traveling and staying at home, such as storing furniture, checking out your car and changing insurance.

The first thing that comes to mind is one World Travel. In a period of up to a year you can travel to all continents or limit yourself to one region, for example Southeast Asia or Latin America. Also read my series of articles on the topic Slow travel by. Fly around the world with the Round The World Ticket? Or with that motorcycle through the wide roads of North America? How does that sound

You could get one too camper buy second hand and Europe or Discover Australia. Really discover!

Or how about a trip from Europe to Southeast Asia by land? According to that Slow travel principle. The runs between Moscow and Vladivostok Trans-Siberian Railway. This is the longest railway line in the world. There are several bus connections, e.g. to travel further to Vietnam. Surely an experience too.

A working holiday visa is a classic for six months to a year. Not only for Australia, New Zealand and Canada there is the possibility to combine work and travel. You can Work & Travel also do in Japan, Chile or Hong Kong.

Would be for your break Family exchange an idea? According to the concept of the high school and au pair year, you will live with a host family and experience life in the respective travel destination up close. There is no age limit for such a program. Usually, however, a mutual exchange is required.


How do you spend your gap year? Or how did you spend a break abroad? What are your experiences

Which Ideas for a gap year abroad do you remember?

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