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Gellert Grindelwald

My brothers, my sisters. The clock is ticking faster and faster. I have a dream for us as we live for the truth, for love. The time has come to take our rightful place in a world where we sorcerers are free. Join me or die.
- Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (Trailer)
Gellert Grindelwald
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March 1998 (age 116)

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Percival Graves

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Gellert Grindelwald (* 1882 † 1998) was feared in the magical society as the most terrible black magician until 1945, i.e. in the time before the reign of Lord Voldemort. Then Albus Dumbledore could defeat him in a legendary wizarding duel. He was a handsome boy with blond curls and is described as very charming and intelligent.


Early years

Gellert Grindelwald was born in 1883 and attended the Durmstrang Magic School, which is known for teaching black magic. But even at this school, where the prohibition of the dark arts is not taken seriously, Gellert's experiments, which almost killed a classmate, could not be ignored and he was expelled from that school at the age of sixteen. Even then, he was an intelligent, charming, and engaging personality. He became interested in magical artifacts from an early age and thus became aware of the Deathly Hallows. He was so fond of her that he made her mark his own emblem and engraved it into a wall at the Durmstrang Institute and magically sealed it so it couldn't be removed.[3]

Friendship with Dumbledore

After being expelled from school, he decided to visit his great-aunt for a while. She lived in England, in the little village of Godric's Hollow, and was none other than Bathilda Bagshot, a very famous historian who gave Grindelwald access to numerous books which he could study in peace. It is possible that Grindelwald came to Godric's Hollow because the famous Ignotus Peverell, the alleged first owner of the Invisibility Cloak, is buried there. Your neighbors in Godric's Hollow included the Dumbledore family, who lived very secluded. The Dumbledores had little contact with anyone but Bathilda. So it happened in the summer of 1899 that Bathilda, who was delighted to see her nephew, introduced him to the Dumbledore's eldest son, Albus Dumbledore, who would later go down in history as the legendary headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The two young men became friends immediately. Both were very well read, idealistic, and ambitious. Albus, who was forced to look after his two younger siblings Aberforth and Ariana after the death of his mother Kendra, blossomed through his close friendship with Gellert and developed romantic feelings for Grindelwald over time. Both shared their interests: The Deathly Hallows. Albus wanted to bring his beloved mother Kendra back with the Resurrection Stone. However, Gellert misunderstood his pursuit of the sanctuaries, because he himself wanted to achieve invincibility and raise an army of Inferi to enforce a new world order that both boys believed to be right. Mainly it was about the termination of the confidentiality agreement, according to which the non-magicians were not allowed to know anything about the wizarding world, because in the new order educated and intelligent wizards should be in a kind of hierarchy at the top, above the Muggles. Out of trust in one another, they made a blood oath in a barn in which they promised never to fight each other. The oath was sealed in a vial that Grindelwald kept.[4] In this way, Grindelwald was able to avoid a possible confrontation in the future, in case they parted ways and Dumbledore came to different views, as later also happened.

Although Albus closed his eyes to the truth out of love, it was already clear to him at this point that Gellert had anything but good intentions. Their entire joint project was based on the motto "For the greater good", which was intended to justify the fact that violence may also be used to achieve their goals. A sentence that was later carved over the Nurmengard prison that Gellert built for his opponents. Both boys wanted to leave Godric's Hollow to gain power in the world. Albus' younger brother, Aberforth Dumbledore, distrusted Grindelwald and tried to convince Albus that he should stay home because he could not look after her mentally ill sister Ariana on his own. Grindelwald wanted to prevent Aberforth's plans, and the three-way duel between Aberforth, Albus and Gellert ensued. Grindelwald did not shy away from using the Cruciatus curse against Aberforth and it is still unclear who is responsible for the death of Ariana, who died during the duel.[3]

Seizure of power

Gellert fled Godric's Hollow and deepened his research into the Deathly Hallows. He found out that the Elder Wand may have been with the wandmaker Mykew Gregorovich. He ambushed him in his workshop, overpowered him, and stole the elder wand.[5] Why he did not kill him is not known, as murder was actually the most common way of taking the staff. Perhaps Grindelwald did not think it necessary, on the other hand, perhaps he spared Gregorowitsch because he had given him his own wand. He began building an army of followers and terrorizing the global wizarding community. He became the most feared magician of his time.[3]

Disguise as Percival Graves

[6] Grindelwald invaded the American MACUSA unnoticed, and as Percival Graves became the right-hand man of the President Seraphina Picquery. Grindelwald suspected that an obscurial was responsible for the mysterious incidents in New York. In a vision he saw that the young Credence Barebone could help him find the Obscurus. Grindelwald wanted to use an obscurus to gain power and reveal the North American magical society to non-magicians. He suspects that Credence is an orphaned Squib and worthless, but he is able to establish contact with him through his charm.

Meanwhile, Grindelwald (as Graves) arrested Newton Scamander and made him responsible for the New York incident. In Newt's suitcase he found an obscurus who was separated from his former host and thereupon sentenced Newt and Tina to death in order to cover his own tracks. Credence Barebone, however, is the real obscurus and has already killed Muggle Senator Henry Shaw Jr., his adoptive mother and his adoptive sister Chastity. Graves is amazed that Credence is still alive, as a child with an obscurus usually hardly gets older than 10 years.

While he tries to get Credence friendly again, who now wants to kill him and the still living scamander, an auror group from MACUSA appears, apparently destroys the Obscurus and attacks Graves. However, this one can defend himself successfully and it seems like he would win until Newt releases his evil gourd butterfly and ties Graves up. Thereupon Newt unmasked him and reveals his true identity: Gellert Grindelwald, who is now captured.

Search for Credence Barebone

[7] Credence could not be killed as an obscurus and has now joined the Circus Arcanus and is now in Paris. Meanwhile, Grindelwald was able to escape from his prisoner transport by transforming himself into the MACUSA employee Abernathy, who instead had to sit in the thestrial carriage. Grindelwald Apparates under the carriage and can overwhelm all Aurors with powerful spells. In addition, the ChupacabraAntonio attacked the head of the imprisonment Spielman. Grindelwald was able to recapture the vial he had kept, in which the blood oath of himself and Albus Dumbledore is sealed.

Then he and his acolytes annex a Muggle house in Paris, where he set up a base. He explains to them that they need Credence Barebone as he is the only individual who can kill Dumbledore. His follower Vinda Rosier can track down Queenie Goldstein in Paris, who is looking for her sister after she had an argument with Jacob. Vinda leads her to Grindelwald, whereupon Queenie jumps up in shock, but he is able to convince Queenie that he wants the right thing and that she comes to his meeting at the Père Lachaise cemetery. He also hired the animal hunter Gunnar Grimmson to kill Irma Dugard so that she wouldn't tell Credence about his past. This is achieved by Grimmson, who is now working for Grindelwald.

At his meeting at the Pere Lachaise cemetery, he tells all the wizards who have come about the non-magicians and what their upcoming war will look like. In this way he can win many of them to his side, as they recognize the destructive power of the Muggles. Credence and Queenie also join him because they have put their trust in him. The gathering is stormed by Aurors and Grindelwald conjures up a magical fire for protection, with which he can destroy several Aurors as well as Leta Lestrange. Meanwhile, Newton was able to steal Scamander's NifflerGrindelwald's vial, which is another animal harming him. Newt brings this vial to Dumbledore so that he can destroy it, while Grindelwald tells Credence on Nurmengard that his maiden name is Aurelius Dumbledore.

Later life and death

Dumbledore, who was now a teacher at Hogwarts and was considered very powerful, refused to fight Grindelwald. He feared that he would have to find out from Grindelwald who was really responsible for Ariana's death. But through the insistence of numerous relatives of the dead whose murders Grindelwald was responsible for (including Viktor Krum's grandfather), Dumbledore finally decided against Grindelwald and defeated him in a legendary duel. Dumbledore took over the Elder Wand from him and locked Grindelwald in his own Nurmengard prison.[8] This was the last one heard from Gellert in a long time. It was only when he was very old that he appeared one last time. He now seemed purified from his evil deeds and tried to make amends by confronting none other than Lord Voldemort himself, who was looking for the Elder Wand. Gellert lied to him, signing his death warrant. With his last deed he tried to protect Albus' grave, since this was where the elder wand lay.[9] Later, when Albus met Harry Potter in the afterlife, they spoke of Grindelwald, and Albus was clearly touched by Gellert's remorse.[10]

Outward appearance

In his youth, Grindelwald was a handsome boy with a nice face. He had slightly longer golden blonde hair and blue eyes. In middle age he wore a thin white mustache and he suffered from iris heterochromia, i.e. two different eye colors. One was dark blue to black and the other was light blue to white. Shortly before his death, Grindelwald was very emaciated and had a skull-like face.

Personality and behavior

Even in his school days, Grindelwald was a very knowledgeable and ambitious boy who was very fanatical about the Dark Arts and was interested in the Deathly Hallows, which led to his being expelled from school.[3] He developed ideas about a new world order where magicians can live and act freely independently of non-magicians. In addition, Purebloods should be at the forefront of rule. In Godric's Hollow he met Albus Dumbledore and befriended him. They shared the idea of ​​a new system of rule and set their task to enforce it under the motto "For The Greater Good", with which they also wanted to justify the murders of Muggles.[5] He also used their close friendship and love for one another to a certain extent to further manipulate Dumbledore and to make a blood oath with him, which Dumbledore would later regret and which will cost many people, especially Muggles, their lives.[4] This happened after Grindelwald became a feared magician and attracted many wizards to his side through his manipulative skills and could only be defeated by Dumbledore in 1945. At the end of his life in Nurmengard, he showed remorse and did not reveal to Voldemort where the Elder Wand is, which Dumbledore was pleased about in the in-between world with Harry.[10] He and Albus Dumbledore were lovers like J.K. Rowling confirmed he never got over Albus Dumbledore and is gay.

Magical skills and abilities

  • Dark Arts: From an early age he had an enthusiasm for black magic, which to a certain extent was tolerated at his school, the Durmstrang Institute. Still, his experiments crossed a line and one of his classmates almost died, resulting in an expulsion from the school. During the three-way duel, Grindelwald used the unforgivable Cruciatus curse to torture Aberforth Dumbledore. In a duel with Newt Scamander, he used a kind of lightning spell that has never appeared in history. It is reasonable to assume that Grindelwald invented this curse himself to harm people. He was the most feared dark magician in his day.
  • Dueling: Grindelwald was an excellent duelist who managed to defeat entire groups of Aurors. During his international search, he was able to throw a whole group of Aurors into the air with a single spell so that they lay lifeless on the ground and shortly before his arrest he fought a group of Aurors, which was under the direction of Seraphina Picquery. The mighty Albus Dumbledore was the only one who could conquer Grindelwald.
  • Charm: Even in his early years, Grindelwald was an intellectual, handsome, charming boy who managed to win many comrades-in-arms for his goals. He was excellent at making contacts to get information. So he managed to bring the young Credence Barebone into his care.
  • Wandless and Nonverbal Magic: Grindelwald was capable of both areas of the high art of sorcery. Only with hand movements he managed to wrestle Newt and Tina to the floor and bring Newt's suitcase and obscurus over. Without a word he could throw whole objects and living beings through the air, like cars or Credence Barebones, which he saved from an approaching subway.
  • Visions: Grindelwald was able to receive visions that told him that Credence Barebone is important in the search for the Obscurus and that he is the key to his power and his triumph over Dumbledore, which never happened. Through his cranial pipe, he could share his visions with the bystanders,
  • Intelligence: Even when he was at school, Grindelwald was one of the most talented and brightest students in Durmstrang. His knowledge at the time was on a par with Dumbledore's, who would later become arguably the most brilliant teacher at Hogwarts. He acquired his knowledge self-taught and through his great-aunt's home library. As a grown man, Grindelwald became a sophisticated strategist and tactician who succeeded in infiltrating MACUSA and becoming the "right hand" of the president by assuming the identity of Percival Graves. In order not to attract attention, he also had to act very well. - After all, he was director of magical security and had to find the obscurial at the same time.

Friendships and relationships

Albus Dumbledore

After Grindelwald was expelled from the Durmstrang School at the age of 16, he came to Godric's Hollow, where he met the young Albus Dumbledore. They were both in search of the Deathly Hallows and had equal opinions about the prevailing system that separated Muggles from wizards. In their view, bright and talented magicians should be above everyone, including non-magicians. Both worked together under the motto "For The Greater Good", with which they wanted to justify crimes. Over time, Albus developed romantic feelings for Gellert. During their planning for their wizarding revolution, Albus neglected his brother Aberforth and his sick sister Ariana. When the two boys were about to go out into the world, Aberforth stopped Albus and asked him to stay here as he couldn't take care of Ariana on his own. Grindelwald lost control and attacked Aberforth, who then received support from his brother. Grindelwald did not hesitate to use the Cruciatus curse. In this three-way duel, Albus' sister Ariana was killed. Until Dumbledore's death he never found out who was responsible and he didn't want to know because he was afraid of the truth. Grindelwald went its own way and became the most feared magician of its time.It was only under great pressure that Dumbledore opposed his former friend and comrade and defeated him in a duel. Dumbledore took over the elder wand from him, which Grindelwald had stolen from Mykew Gregorowitsch.

Aberforth Dumbledore

At first, Aberforth liked Gellert a lot because his brother Albus had finally found a real friend. But when he found out about Grindelwald's plans, he suddenly loathed him and accused his brother Albus of the fact that their siblings were suffering from Grindelwald. When Albus and Grindelwald wanted to set out into the world, Aberforth stopped his brother, which led to Grindelwald attacking him and torturing him with the Cruciatus curse. Albus came to his brother's help and the famous three-way duel between Albus, Aberforth and Grindelwald ensued, in which Dumbledore's sister Ariana was killed. Grindelwald went his own way and from then on never had contact with Aberforth, who later took over the boar's head in Hogsmeade.

Lord Voldemort

It is unknown whether the two most feared magicians of their time have met before, but Grindelwald seemed to know everything about Voldemort and he also suspected that Voldemort would one day visit him in Nurmengard to question him about the Elder Wand. Voldemort showed no respect for Grindelwald because he thought he was better. Grindelwald himself showed no fear either and laughed at him and challenged Voldemort to kill him. Grindelwald did not reveal anything about the Elder Wand, which led to an outburst of rage from Voldemort, who killed him with the killing curse for it. Grindelwald did all of this to protect the grave of his former friend Albus, who, when he was with Harry in an intermediate world, was very happy about Grindelwald's remorse.

Newt Scamander

Grindelwald, disguised as Graves, first met the talented magizoologist in New York in 1926. He himself was looking for an obscurus at the time. Grindelwald interrogated Newt about what was supposed to be an obscurus incident in New York and expressed an interest in Newt and Albus Dumbledore's relationship. He sentenced Newt to death to distract himself, but Newt escaped execution. Newt met Grindelwald (as Graves) a second time when they were both pursuing the Obscurus des Credence Barebone. Grindelwald wanted to use Credence, while Newt wanted to keep him and help. This made Grindelwald so angry that he attacked Newt with lightning spells and tormented him. A group of Aurors from MACUSA