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110 years of the Bürstadt waterworks

Since 1905, the water for Worms has been coming from the waterworks in the Bürstädter Forest. From here, EWR ensures the drinking water supply for a large part of the city of Worms. But also for Lampertheim and Bürstadt.

Of course, a lot has changed over the years: For example, the initial shallow wells were replaced by eight deep wells at the beginning of the 1980s due to decreasing productivity. But one thing remains - the high water quality. A water protection area was set up around the plant early on in order to literally remove the ground from possible contamination of the groundwater.

The security of supply is based on the principle of redundancy: the entire drinking water supply can be ensured by just four of a total of eight deep wells.

Degree of hardness in Worms and Worms-Ibersheim

Information in accordance with Section 9 of the Washing and Cleaning Agent Act - WRMG:

The drinking water distributed in the EEA drinking water supply area has the water hardness range "hard"

> 2.5 mmol / l calcium carbonate (17.6 ° dH (Worms) or 20.9 ° dH (Ibersheim), dH = German hardness)

Information according to §16 of the ordinance on the quality of water for human consumption

(Drinking water ordinance - TrinkwV): Quartz sand (Worms) or quartz gravel (Ibersheim) are used as filter material as approved treatment materials in accordance with Section 11 of the Drinking Water Ordinance.

The EEA drinking water network in the Ibersheim district is supplied with drinking water from the Seebach area waterworks association via the water supply association for the Old Rhine area.

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