How can I achieve superhuman healing

How can I be healed?

Good health is of great importance, whether it is about the health of our bodies, relationships, finances, or the environment. What can we do if we need healing in any area of ​​our life?

The Bible gives us a standard of healing based on timeless spiritual laws. Inspired women and men, through their understanding of the absolute goodness of God and their inseparability from that goodness, have found answers to questions across the range of human needs and have found that it has transformed their character and life. These experiences were "not supernatural, but natural in the highest degree" (Science and health, P. Xi), as Christian Science explains. These spiritual and scientific ideas with regard to the demands placed on us today are accessible to all people. Anyone can apply them and find solutions that demonstrate God's goodness.

In the New Testament we read that Jesus said: “Whoever believes in me will do the works that I do and will do greater things than these ...” (John 14:12, Luther21). Christian scientists believe this promise of Jesus and fully accept it. They follow his teachings and understand the spiritual laws that he applied. On this basis, they are devoted to spiritual healing, which includes the healing of physical ailments and illnesses as well as the transformation and restoration of life. Mary Baker Eddy's work Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures explains how the healings in the Bible were done and how we can receive the same type of healing for ourselves, our families, and the world.

This unique approach to healing has been shown to be effective for generations of Christian Scientists, often after a medical diagnosis has found an illness to be incurable. Christian-scientific healing is not a healing of faith, no positive thinking and no self-hypnosis. It appeals to the Christian faith in and understanding of God as the unlimited and reliable good for whom nothing is impossible. The application is purely Christian - to live in accordance with Jesus' teachings and example - and at the same time scientific, namely to lead a life according to the spiritual laws of God, which can be learned, understood and proven through healing and renewal.

Every Christian Scientist chooses for himself and his family the health care that best meets his or her needs. However, through the application of Christian Science, many can live without drugs and other physical healing systems and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

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There are many ways to study Christian science healing, and many people are happy to help. The full explanation of Christian Scientific Healing is in the Christian Science Textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

  • Hear how people have been healed of all kinds of problems.

  • In addition, you can read documented Christian scientific healings from over a century on Herold-Online.

  • Attend a Sunday or Wednesday Church of Christ Scientist service.

  • Visit a Christian Science Reading Room near you to ask questions, research Christian Science books and magazines, and for a quiet place to read and pray.

  • Contact a Christian Science practitioner. Practitioners are women and men around the world who devote their lives to Christian healing. They offer spiritual help that leads to healing of problems - whether they are physical, emotional, financial or relationship problems.

  • Get help from Christian Science carers. These individuals help create a healing atmosphere and provide professional and useful physical assistance to those seeking healing through Christian Science.

  • Learn more about how to become an effective Christian Science healer by taking elementary classes.

Healing experiences

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Mary Baker Eddy explains that Jesus "claimed his mission on a spiritual basis of Christ healing" (p. 136). For over a hundred years, the application of this system of Christian healing has resulted in significant healing of physical and mental problems. In Christian Science, the power of prayer resides not in faith alone, but in a deeper understanding of the divine laws of God that embrace humanity. This understanding touches the heart and transforms it. Many people have found that healing and renewal occur naturally as God's presence and love become more real and tangible.

You can have thousands of published authenticated healings in the published in multiple languages Herald of Christian Scienceas well as in Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel read (in English).

You are also welcome to attend a Wednesday testimony meeting near you or online to hear reports from others about how they have been healed through their prayer and study of Christian Science.

In addition, you can turn to a Christian Science practitioner if you need specific help healing any problem, such as physical, emotional, financial, or relationship problems.