How do I edit pictures online

Edit pictures in the browser: 7 free photo editors

Holiday season is photo time. And since photos not only need to be taken, but also edited, the question arises after the holidays: Which tool do I use to edit my holiday snapshots? Programs like Photoshop and Lightroom from Adobe come to mind spontaneously. Or GIMP as a free, open source alternative to the expensive Adobe tools. But there are also photo editors that you can use directly in the browser. We have tested 7 such tools for you.

From amateur to professional: 7 free tools for every taste

What was previously only possible with the Flash plug-in is now possible without additional plug-ins thanks to HTML5: Image processing in the browser that is (almost) as good as that of native applications. Here are 7 tools you should take a look at if you're looking for an image editing tool that works just as well on desktop and laptop devices but also on mobile devices:

Canva Photo Editor

Canva's free photo editor offers the most basic functions you need, making it ideal for quickly editing snapshots. The editor is pleasantly easy to use, thanks not least to the manageable number of functions.

With the editor, filters can be placed over your own image and the brightness, contrast and saturation can be adjusted. In addition, the image can be cropped, enlarged, reduced, rotated and mirrored. The edited image can then be downloaded or further processed in Canva's powerful main tool.

Photo jet

Fotojet is reminiscent of Canva in terms of its offer, as you can not only edit photos, but also create collages and process various pre-made design templates into social media posts or print products. In contrast to Canva, the editing function for photos has a few more options. On the one hand, you can edit the exposure and the colors of the photos and, on the other hand, you have a lot of filters to choose from.

All in all, Fotojet offers a practical range of functions and the interface looks tidy. If you'd like a little more functionality than the Canva editor, you've come to the right place with Fotojet.


Compared to the photo editor from Canva and Fotojet, the editor from BeFunky is already moving in somewhat more professional territory. Like the two tools already mentioned, BeFunky offers three different editing modes: the photo editor, a collage generator and the «Graphic Designer» mode. Above all, BeFunky's photo editor knows how to inspire with its many different effects, with which you can give your photos a very personal touch.


The photo editor from fotor comes up with a whole range of functions, which are divided into sections such as “Basic”, “Effect” or “Beauty”. Thanks to an entertaining video tutorial, you will quickly find your way around this editor. With fotor you can even edit images in RAW format, which is usually reserved for professional tools.


Sympathetic: Polarr welcomes you the first time you call it up with a short tour in which the most important functions are presented. The editor then shines with its simplicity. It is operated using simple icons on the edge of the screen, which is why one does not believe the tool has a wide range of functions at first glance.

However, it quickly becomes clear: Polarr's operation is really fun and also offers a German-language interface. However, the translations leave a lot to be desired, which is why we recommend the English version here.


With Photopea you move on professional territory. The editor, which is visually reminiscent of tools like Photoshop or GIMP, can also process PSD, XD, XCF and even SKETCH files. RAW or PDF are also no problem for Photopea. If you are familiar with professional tools, you will quickly find your way around Photopea.


When it comes to operation, Pixlr goes in the same direction as Photopea, so it is clearly oriented towards professional image processing programs. Compared to Photopea, however, the surface looks a bit more playful without losing any of its functionality. Thanks to the layer function, complex image processing is also possible. It is definitely worth taking a look at the tutorials.

Our conclusion: something for everyone

We are always impressed by what is possible with web technologies these days. If you like it plain and simple, you should take a closer look at Canva Photo-Editor or Fotojet. Polarr offers you the perfect mix of minimalist interface and maximum possibilities. And if you like it to be very professional, Pixlr and Photopea are the two tools that deserve a place in your favorites.