What remarkable works of art attacked social norms

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The essential background of this two-volume sociological introductory work is the experience that teacher training at numerous universities constitutes one, if not the main focus of sociological teaching, without this being adequately taken into account in the teaching and teaching texts. The 'textbook' is therefore intended to present, in an audience-oriented manner, central basic concepts, theoretical approaches and subject areas of micro- and macro-sociology in the sense of an introductory overview, with particular reference to pedagogical fields of practice, for example teaching, and conditions such as class-specific socialization processes or adolescent crises. Due to this orientation, the 'textbook' is particularly interesting for everyone who conducts sociological teaching for prospective pedagogues or wants to obtain sociological information as a student or pedagogical 'practitioner'.
The ensemble of sociological concepts and knowledge presented is, however, with all specific recipient orientation a selection that is also suitable for an audience-unspecific introduction to general sociology. This also includes the area of ​​major sociological training, especially the B.A. course.


Education Introduction Experience Upbringing Educational Science Teacher Teacher Training Teaching Activity Pedagogue Pedagogy School Sociology Socialization Sociology

About the authors

Dr. Herbert Willems is Professor of Sociology with a focus on microsociology and qualitative social research at the University of Giessen.

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