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Jonas Alaska

Jonas Alaska
Album: Roof Came Down
Release: 09/25/2020
Label: Backseat

Jonas Alaska: On the path of his heroes of timeless folk music

Jonas Alaska has written some of the most heartbreaking lyrics in Norwegian pop music in recent years. And it's his ability to tell stories with songwriting that has earned him a loyal fan base both inside and outside his home country. With hits like "October", "If Only as a Ghost" and "In The Backseat" he has reached a large audience. By the way, it was "In the Backseat" that gave the impetus to name our label ...

The album sounds like a modern classic, timelessly beautiful and narrative absolutely poignant. As on his strongest album to date, the debut “Tonight” from 2015, the introverted songwriter draws from personal experiences that emotionalize him: First and foremost, the birth of his child, but also reading Shakespeare's classic Hamlet and musical inspiration such as Country -Singers George Jones and Burle Ives. Alaska heard this for a while and then dared to write a “straight forward classic country song” himself. "Turns out it's harder than I thought," said the lanky Norwegian self-critically. The beautifully sung and "Goodbye" is the only song whose story is not personally shaped. "I just had that first line and followed that as far as I could." Musically, the "Paranoid Blues" stands out as the album runs through. The song is the result of a certain feeling of satiety: “I was so sick of the same mental issues being the theme of my last 20 songs, so I decided to write one more song about my paranoia where I lay it all out, kind of like self therapy kinds of thing. I had no plans on releasing it but it felt so good singing it live and everybody laughed and though I was joking so I decided to throw it in. "

Compared to the last two albums “Younger” and “Fear is Demon”, the new album is slimmer and very tastefully arranged, and it is also drier and less poppy. The piano is taking up more and more space, and gimmicks are being dispensed with in favor of an organic sound. With “Roof Came Down” Jonas Alaska will confirm his reputation as one of the most renowned and sensitive songwriters of his generation. The folksinger's fourth studio album will be released on vinyl and digitally on September 25th.

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