Why is chocolate addicting?

Knowledge Why is chocolate addicting?

After a stressful day, lovesick or just out of boredom - Snacking on chocolate lifts the mood. However, stopping after a piece is more or less impossible. Are We Addicted To Chocolate?

In principle, chocolate addiction cannot be referred to as an addiction in the classic sense. Because we are not really dependent on the product. Psychologists speak more of a behavioral addiction. Chocolate activates the reward system. If we eat foods that contain sugar or fat, the neurotransmitter dopamine is released and releases endorphins in the body - which in turn trigger feelings of happiness. And who doesn't like to be happy?

Nothing is left: the snack formula

Researchers have found that in addition to happiness, there is something else that makes it so difficult for us to stop after a chocolate bar. You speak of the so-called snack formula, or hedonic hyperphagia. It is about continuing to eat certain foods even though you are actually already full. The food chemists found that this phenomenon occurs in a certain ratio of carbohydrates and fat occurs. 50% and 35% to be precise. In nature there are no foods that even come close to this ratio. Products like chips or chocolate do! Seen in this way, we cannot help it if suddenly the whole board is gone!

Even if you can't really become addicted, the behavior of one or the other may already approach addictive behavior. Overall, it's not bad to eat a piece of chocolate every now and then, just for peace of mind. However, the regular consumption of a whole bar should be avoided. Because it is no secret that it makes you fat and bad - and that doesn't make you happy in the long run.