How can I become a toastmaster

Where can I find a description of the roles in the club meeting?

The roles at the club meeting are described in an overview in the navigator. A detailed description can be found in the manual “A Toastmaster wear many Hats” (in the German translations).

How do I get access to Pathways?

As soon as you member (i.e. you have signed the membership application and paid your contribution) are with us, Do you visit the side of There is the 'LogIn' button at the top right. Click, a window will open in which your email address or member ID and password will be requested.

Please click on 'Forgot Password'. Enter your email address in the new window.

You will then receive a link to this e-mail address, which you should click on. A new window will now open in which you can assign your self-chosen password.

Go to Base Camp leads to the entry into Pathways.

How is Pathways set up and structured?

There are 10 Paths from which you can choose. There are at least 15 different speech projects in each path.

The learning paths are all structured in the same way. Each learning path consists of level 1 to level 5. At each level there are compulsory and optional projects. These differ depending on the selected path. This ensures that the projects can be selected individually according to personal goals. Up to level 3, the roles of impromptu speech moderator, toastmaster (moderator of the evening) and evaluator should have been exercised. Even at level 1, detailed teaching materials are provided for feedback and speech evaluations. The practical application is practiced in a speech project with 2 speeches and giving feedback as an evaluator.

How do I find the path that suits me?

Over "Go to Base Camp ”, the entry screen for the training program is displayed.
The screen shows 3 boxes:

  • Left: Select a learning path
  • Middle: Selection of the club (for members who are in several clubs)
  • Right: The navigator select language German


The navigator contains detailed information about the Toastmasters International training program, a description of the learning pathways, roles at the club meeting, and many other basics.

It's a good idea to start with this part.

In the navigator you will find a clear description of all paths that are available. The German version of the Navigator can be downloaded here as a PDF document. Download German version Navigator.


Under 'Choose your path' you are now called to take a free test. Here you will be asked various questions and Toastmasters will compare your interests with the path offer. At the end, 3 paths will be suggested to you.

You can choose one of these suggestions or choose a completely different path.

The “Presentation Mastery” learning path is best for improving speaking skills in front of an audience. After selecting a learning path, the journey through the first path begins.

Can I calmly read through all the paths that are offered with all projects in advance?

A good overview of the individual paths is given in the navigator. It's right at the beginning of Pathways or the German version is available for download.

A description of the respective path and the projects available for selection are included in the overview of the individual paths.

The document “Overview of the individual paths” is available for download here.

I have found a suitable path for me. What's next?

At the beginning there is an introduction to the user guidance. But then we can start.

You click on your desired path.

Then access to the teaching materials opens!

By clicking on Launch the first project, the icebreaker, opens in a separate window in your browser.

Please remember to switch off the popup blocker, otherwise you will not be able to see anything.

Then you can familiarize yourself with your first project online and, if necessary, download and print out the documents for working on the project as a PDF document.

The evaluation sheet is important for the evaluator of your first speech in the club. Simply print it out and bring it with you for the evaluator.

After the speech, don't forget to mark the project as finished so that the next project can be worked on.

Why can't I see the teaching materials on the screen?

Deactivate the pop-up blocker from the browser
So that we can see the teaching material from our chosen deposit, it is important to switch off the pop-up blocker in the browser.

Where do I choose my home club?

If you are a member of more than one club, you have the option of selecting your home club.
For the club declared as your home club, you get the first path as part of membership.
In principle, there is also a 2 path free of charge for membership in another club as part of membership.

In this case you should send an email to Toastmasters International so that the 2 path is activated. [email protected]

The respective club is selected in the overview mask:

Where can I enter the roles of the club meeting?

For some projects it is a prerequisite that we have taken on roles as toast masters, overall assessors or other roles at the club meeting.
As a member, we can enter this in Pathways ourselves. If we no longer know exactly when we took over this role, we can look in EasySpeak and then enter what is shown in the picture at Base Camp.

How is the Presentation Mastery structured?

Here is an overview of the individual projects in the Presentation Mastery.

Why do we still need Easyspeak?

The club evenings are organized with Easyspeak. Each member receives access to Easyspeak and can see the agenda of the respective evening in advance and sign up for speech projects and roles. In addition, the attendance for the respective evening can be confirmed. Pathways' speech projects are all included in Easyspeak and can be used for planning.

How do I get access to the next speech project?

Pathways offers a step-by-step approach. This means that the first project of a path should be completed before the next project can be started.


All documents, declarations, PDFs and videos are available for our project via the “Launch” button.

The 1st speech project of a path is always the “icebreaker”. When the speech project is finished, then the for this speech project "Before and after" questionnaire answer.
When this questionnaire is completed, this will appear Project as “completed”.

This will unlock the next speech project in this level.

Now we have 10 days to evaluate the speech project in order to give Toastmasters International feedback on this project: "Evaluate".

Then you can look at the documents and tutorials for the 2nd speech "Evaluation and Feedback" and print out the associated documents and evaluation sheets. This project is about giving a speech and incorporating the feedback and then giving the speech again.
In addition, there are instructions on how to give good ratings for a speech.
At one of the next club evenings it is now a matter of taking on a speech evaluation. So that you know whether the evaluation was successful and what you can do better, you look for an experienced toastmaster who will give you an evaluation of your evaluation speech with the feedback sheet.

Then you answer that "Before and after" questionnaire and can now see how your knowledge has improved. By submitting this questionnaire, the “Evaluation and Feedback” project is marked as completed and the next “Researching and Presenting” speech project is available.

This project is just like project 1 and 2 to complete the project.

Then the 1st level is ready.

At the end of Level 1, the VP Education receives an email and can confirm that you have completed the 1st level. Then it goes to the next level.

How do I quickly find the right evaluation sheet?

Here is a little guide to help you find the evaluation sheet quickly. It is much easier for the speech assessor if he can proceed according to the evaluation sheet. The speaker can also take the completed form home with them.

Here is a quick guide:

  1. Log in to and click on Pathways
  2. Select Go to Base Camp
  3. Select the right club here and click the Goto Base Camp button in the middle
  4. Tutorial and Resources (click on the top left; a field with a gray background opens; click on it)
  5. Evaluation Resources
  6. Choose a language

Instructions with graphics and all individual steps can be downloaded here!


What is special about completing level 3

In order for level 3 to be completed, it is important that the following roles have been performed at least once:

Toast master - Moderator at the club meeting

Speech evaluator - belongs to the 2nd project at level 1 - evaluation and feedback

Impromptu speeches - moderator - Available as the “Active Listening” project in Level 3

How can I get help if I don't understand the English texts?

With Google Translate you can not only translate individual texts, but also entire websites.

Go to Google Translate

Enter the website link and the website texts will appear in German. Not always completely correct, but easy to understand.