Which battery lasts longer?

Cell phone battery life: how to extend it

Lithium-ion batteries, which only have a limited lifespan, work in smartphones. The process of powering the battery and delivering it to the phone doesn't last forever. The capacity drops a little with every store.This has to do with the charging cycles

  • Cell phone batteries are only designed for a certain number of charging cycles. This does not mean every single charging process. A cycle is only completed when the full capacity of the battery is used up. If you connect the half-charged smartphone to the socket, the process is not yet over. A charging cycle can therefore take several days.
  • How many charging cycles a smartphone is designed for depends on the model.
  • How long it takes for your device to run through the maximum number of cycles depends on how often you use your smartphone and how you charge the battery (see chapter “These charging errors shorten the life of the battery”).

With Android phones, it is not that easy to read the charge cycles. You can install an app like “Charge Cycle Battery Stats”: It estimates the number of cycles - but only from the time you installed the app.

How manyYour iPhone has already gone through charging cycles, you can read out with a free program for the Mac:

  1. Install the “coconutBattery” program on your Mac.
  2. Connect the iPhone to the computer.
  3. Open “coconutBattery” and click on the tab at the topiOS device. There you will find some information about your battery. UnderCycle count are the charging cycles that have already been completed.