Deletes YouTube views from videos

Youtube: How to delete the history on your smartphone, PC & Mac

Do you want to delete your YouTube history? Maybe you didn't even know that there are two of them, one for search queries and one for watched videos. Both can be deleted and, fortunately, this can be done in just a few steps - regardless of whether it is running on iOS, Android, Windows or macOS.

If you are logged into your YouTube or Google account and watch a video on the platform, it will be saved in a list on the server. The same applies to your YouTube search history: If you are looking for video content, this request will also be saved. You can delete both of these lists quickly and easily.

It is particularly practical: If you delete the playback or search history of your YouTube account, this is also done on the server. The lists with watched or searched videos disappear on all devices on which you visit Youtube.

How you can delete the YouTube playback history on your smartphone

To delete the playback history on Android or iOS: Open the YouTube app on your smartphone and tap your small profile picture in the top right corner. If you have not given a profile picture, you will only see a circle with the first letter of your first name. Now switch to the “Settings”, in which you then tap on “History & data protection” under Android. If you have an iPhone, simply scroll down in the settings until the “History & data protection” or “Data protection” area appears.

Here you will find the item “Delete playback history”. You can use it to delete the YouTube history - on the server side. This means, as mentioned at the beginning, that the list of the YouTube videos you have played can no longer be found on any device. The course of your YouTube stories is also affected by this delete action.

Additional tip: You don't want Youtube to create a playback history for your account in the future? Then swipe under "Settings | History & data protection ”move the slider to the right next to“ Pause playback history ”.

Delete YouTube search history - on your smartphone, iPhone, iPad & tablet

As soon as you use the search function on YouTube, the platform saves all inquiries in a separate process. If you also want to delete this YouTube history, open the YouTube app on your smartphone, select your profile picture in the top right corner and then select “Settings”. Tap on "History & data protection" and then immediately on "Clear search history". This will remove all saved search queries.

Additional tip: If you do not want YouTube to save your search queries in the future, tap under “Settings | History & Privacy ”click on the“ Pause search history ”option.

How to delete playback and search history on PC or Mac

Alternatively, you can delete the YouTube history on your computer: Open any browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox and log into your YouTube account. Click on "History" in the menu on the left and then select the option "Delete entire playback history" on the right.

If you also want to remove the search history: Click on the "Search history" option in the "History type" area on the right. The website will then update so that you can select “Clear all search history”.

The short version: Remove Youtube gradients

  • If you use the search function in Youtube, the platform saves all inquiries in a history.
  • The platform also records which YouTube videos you watch.
  • You can, however, delete the YouTube playback and YouTube search history
  • To do this, go to the settings of the YouTube app on your smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet.
  • There you can remove the desired history under “History & data protection”.
  • On the PC or Mac you open Youtube in the browser, log in and click on "History" on the left.
  • Then select the history you want to delete on the right.
  • Attention: If you delete the YouTube histories on your smartphone or computer, they will be removed on the server.
  • You can no longer be found on any device on which you are logged in with your YouTube account.

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