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New on Disney + today: Atmospheric sci-fi horror, the latest Family Guy episodes & more

Since Disney + is home to another world in addition to Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and Co. with Star, the regular innovations on the Maushaus streaming platform have also been much more varied - and are making Disney + more and more a serious competitor for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Co.

In addition to cartoon classics such as “The Lion King”, Marvel blockbusters such as “Avengers: Endgame” or all “Star Wars” adventures, you can now find series highlights such as “Sons Of Anarchy” or action classics like “Predator”, which was even on the index for a long time. And today's supplies are also impressive.

›› The film and series world on Disney + *

Movies starting today at Disney +

For example, if you want to see for yourself whether Ridley Scott's son also has what it takes to be a science fiction visionary, Luke Scott's “The Morgan Project” is an atmospheric sci-fi horror film that not only looks damn good, but also remains exciting over long stretches - the action horror version of "Ex Machina", so to speak.

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In addition to comedies such as “Groupies Forever” with Susan Sarandon and Goldie Hawn and “Ein Jahr vogelfrei!” With Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson as well as the mystery drama “Trügerische Stille”, two new classics await you on Disney +:

In “The French Connection II”, Gene Hackman once again plays the drug-specialized detective “Popeye” Doyle in a cult film that can no longer quite keep up with its iconic predecessor. In the cult milieu drama "Dangerous Minds", Michelle Pfeiffer dares to jump from marine to teacher in a problematic area.

Series starting today at Disney +

Anyone who has been waiting eagerly for the 18th season “Family Guy” to finally be available on Disney + since the TV broadcast began, probably already knows exactly what he or she will bang on the weekend. You get all 20 episodes in one fell swoop!

Action fans, on the other hand, are served with "Alias ​​- Die Agentin". As of today, all five seasons of the agent series by "Star Wars 7 + 9" maker J.J. Abrams starring Jennifer Garner on stream. But be careful, risk of addiction!

Streaming tip on Disney +: That's why "Alias" is absolutely addicting!

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