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NEW Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 - Beta is here! (11/01/2019)

After version 7, which brought many serious changes compared to the previous version, the new version 8 is finally here!

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 8 has been available as beta since mid-November 2018 and the final version will be released in mid-2019.

At first glance, RHEL 8 has not changed much compared to the previous version. On closer inspection, however, there are some interesting changes.

Based on the container technology, AppStreams (Application Streams) now appear for the selection of the applications to be used on the operating system. Simplified management with the help of Cockpit, yum and DNF for performance improvements, support for higher security is provided by OSPP (General Purpose Operating System Protection Profile) on the operating system and on the LUKS2 file system.

There are new, extended versions for python, MySQL, MariaDB, etc., but also newly introduced applications such as nginx and Wayland for the selection of whether the web or the graphical server should be activated.

As a new component in the firewall area there are ntftables and Stratis as Local Storage Manager.

With our new seminar for RHEL 8 you will get an overview of the new features and functions and you will be able to use them.

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