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Admission to the Schloss Salem school

Feel freedom. Develop team spirit.

We look forward to welcoming you personally and on site at our locations. We therefore ask you to make an individual appointment with our admission team.
(See contact person)
If you are currently unable to visit Salem, we also offer the admission procedure completely digitally.

Important: To protect the Salem community, all site visits are only allowed to take place with a mask and the core family (parent-child).


Side by side: Thank you for your interest in the Schule Schloss Salem! A change of school is a big step for every family, especially if it leads to boarding school. That is why we are at your side with our experience and our skills and want to discuss the start of a happy and successful boarding school life with you and your child in detail.

In three steps to Salem

  • Submission of the application documents
  • Visit of the parents and the child at the school, personal conversation, guided tour through the castle grounds and the living and classrooms
    Alternatively: get to know each other digitally and take a virtual tour
  • Placement test


Requirement for admission

Pupils who want to leave Salem with the Abitur must be able to speak and write German well enough to be able to take part in the grammar school without restrictions.

Students of the international classes and the International Baccalaureate must be fluent in written and spoken English and demonstrate their skills in various subjects in a placement test.

All applicants from abroad or from other types of schools receive individual feedback based on the placement test. We will discuss our approach in detail with you and your child in the run-up to the admission interview.

You can enter any of the grades 5 to 11 at the start of the school year. Starting in grade 12 or during the current school year is not recommended, but possible in individual cases.

Kathrin de Francisco
Recording assistant

Tel .: + 49 7553 919-352
Whatsapp: +49 170 8520365
Write e-mail
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Dr. Stephanie Nau
Head of recording

For initial contact, please contact the admission assistant Kathrin de Francisco.

Information on school and boarding fees

The Schule Schloss Salem is a non-profit company. It is mainly financed by contributions from parents and donations. As part of the private school financing, the state of Baden-Württemberg provides a partial grant to the pure teaching costs. You can see an overview of the details of school fees, the admission fee and the method of payment here.

Internal student costs in euros, per month Grades 5 - 10 Grades 11-12 Int. Grades 8-10 IB student year 1 + 2
One-time admission fee1.8001.8001.8001.800
School and boarding school fees3.6253.7003.7004.025
One-time security advance * for direct debit3.6257.250**3.7007.400**3.7007.400**4.0258.050**
Grades 5 - 10
One-time admission fee1.800
School and boarding school fees3.625
One-time security advance * for direct debit3.6257.250**
Grades 11-12
One-time admission fee1.800
School and boarding school fees3.700
One-time security advance * for direct debit3.7007.400**
Int. Grades 8-10
One-time admission fee1.800
School and boarding school fees3.700
One-time security advance * for direct debit3.7007.400**
IB student year 1 + 2
One-time admission fee1.800
School and boarding school fees4.025
One-time security advance * for direct debit4.0258.050**
* The security deposit will be refunded at the end of the contract. ** Amount if the security deposit is paid without direct debit
Admission amount, costs & fees

We take the liberty of charging a one-time admission fee of half a month when signing the school and boarding contract. An additional cost and security deposit is also due, which will be reimbursed when the contract is terminated.

The costs and fees for school and boarding school - including education, accommodation, additional costs (see "Overview of additional costs" under the downloads, e.g. individual music lessons, exchange, school uniform, excursions, approx Salem gGmbH for each school year. The payment obligation for the school year ends on August 31. of a calendar year, regardless of the start of summer vacation or the exams taken for the Abitur or the International Baccalaureate.

School and boarding fees can be paid annually (with a 2 percent discount) or monthly.

We very much appreciate it when siblings visit the Schloss Salem school together. For this, the school and boarding fees for all siblings are reduced by 10 percent.

We look forward to former students who want to entrust us with their own children. We grant you a 1.5% discount for old school students on school and boarding fees.

Subject to legal changes, 30 percent of the pure school costs can be claimed as special expenses in the tax return. The school is happy to certify this share of the school costs. This also applies to childcare costs that can be certified up to the age of 14. For school and boarding fees, the school undertakes to provide the services specified in the General Terms and Conditions (AVB) under V. The ancillary costs mentioned under VII. Of the AVB will be invoiced separately.

Voluntary pluralists

For decades, Salem has built on a close exchange between parents and school. Salem promotes and challenges at the same time. The support of the parents is irreplaceable. We therefore invite the parents of our students to make voluntary overpayments in favor of our scholarship fund. This should also make it possible for less well-off parents to send their children to Salem. The overpayments are used solely for this purpose. The spectrum ranges from partial financing from 250 euros per month to the assumption of a full scholarship. Of course, the school will automatically issue a donation receipt for all overpayments.

Costs for voluntary pluralists

Costs for voluntary pluralists

Co-payment group

Overpayment per month


250.- €


500.- €


750.- €


1.000.- €

E (half scholarship)

1.815.- €

F (full scholarship)

3.625.- €


I would be happy to advise you personally

Dr. Stephanie Nau
Head of recording

Tel .: +49 7553 919-352
Send e-mail

Salem is more than a good school

  • Intensive international support (approx. 95 percent of the students are internal)
  • Small classes with an average of 16 students
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • International Classes 8-10 and Internationales Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Wide range of language courses
  • Social services and guilds
  • Outdoor education
  • Working hour and other support measures
  • Extensive range of sports in and in addition to teaching sports
  • Exceptional learning and teaching environment on Lake Constance
  • Large libraries with extensive German and international literature
  • State-recognized Abitur or IB degree
  • Career and university advice from our own specialized career advisors
  • Renowned and largest alumni network in Germany
  • Character building and education through responsibility

And above all: a community for life!

Until the beginning of the 18th century, Salem Castle was the richest Cistercian abbey in southern Germany. The Schloss Salem School was founded there in 1920. Not without reason.
More about the location
On May 3, 1929, Spetzgart Castle was opened as a part of the Salem Castle School. Together with the Härlen campus, it forms the Salem International College.
More about the location
The Härlen campus was opened in 2000 and has since formed the Salem International College together with Spetzgart Castle. The individual room concept offers a unique boarding school life.
More about the location
In our FAQs on the subject of recording you will find almost 30 questions that we have answered you directly. Maybe your question is included. If not, we look forward to your call, your e-mail or your visit with us at Salem Castle.
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