How to use a garlic press

Garlic press - lots of flavor for your dishes

Admittedly, nothing works in my kitchen without garlic and a garlic press. Whether in salads, sauces, dips or pasta, there is always a possibility for me Process fresh garlic. (Certainly sometimes to the suffering of my fellow human beings. πŸ˜€) No wonder, because the small white tuber gives many dishes a very special aroma. Even a veggie kebab from the kebab shop around the corner would be unthinkably boring and bland without garlic sauce.

Even if garlic tastes delicious, it leaves a really unpleasant smell on the fingers when it is cut. That's why at some point I decided to buy a garlic press. Now I no longer have to laboriously chop the fresh garlic and am thus freed from annoying chopping work in the smallest format. πŸ™‚

The full garlic aroma can develop

The nice thing about using a garlic press is that the full aroma of the garlic can only really develop. That is why dishes and recipes that you refine with pressed garlic also taste much more intensely like garlic than with finely chopped garlic. Even if the experts disagree at this point, I clearly don't want to do without my garlic press any more. It saves me a lot of work and smelly fingers. πŸ™‚

When do I use the garlic press?

Using a garlic press is really very easy and makes processing fresh garlic a lot easier. The peeled garlic is put into the sieve head and the handles are pressed together.

The pressed garlic can then be scraped off the sieve head with a knife and added to the dish of your choice. These recipes and dishes are particularly suitable for preparation with pressed garlic:

The advantage of garlic presses

I used to simply chop garlic into small pieces with a knife and add it to my recipes. Since I've been using a garlic press, I can only recommend it to you. By pressing the garlic the taste can develop much better in sauces or other dishes.

Garlic presses - that’s what counts

There are actually differences with this kitchen helper, as many garlic presses differ in their handling. In any case, it is important that you clean it well. This means that the sieve on the head of the garlic press should be removable so that you can clean this part separately. The size of the holes in the sieve also play a significant role when pressing fresh garlic. If the sieve is too small, too much garlic will get stuck in the sieve head. If the sieve holes are too big, the garlic clove cannot be pressed finely enough.

Tip against the smell of garlic on your fingers

Tip: Should you ever have to snip your garlic, there is a simple trick to counteract the smell on your fingers. Wet your hands a little and rub your fingers on a stainless steel sink for a few seconds. Tata, the smell has actually (almost) disappeared from your fingers. πŸ™‚ Really great. The little SOS help also works with the smell of onions on your fingers.