Can an alcoholic donate blood


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In order to be able to help others at all, donors have to be healthy. Healthy means that you do not have any chronic illnesses and are not dependent on medication in the long term.

basic requirements

  • Good health: no chronic illnesses, no long-term use of medication, suitable blood count values
  • Donation age: 18 - 68 years (new donors: maximum 60 years)
  • Minimum weight: 52 kg including clothing
  • Good veins - no difficulties with the family doctor taking blood samples
  • Sufficient knowledge of spoken and written German
  • Permanent Address
Temporary provisions:
  • Travel to areas where infectious diseases that can be transmitted by blood are common
  • Taking certain medications
  • Hay fever, colds
  • Vaccinations
  • Surgery, medical procedures, piercings and tattoos
  • Risk behavior
Permanent exclusions
  • Drug addiction
  • Disease with hepatitis B, C or HIV (AIDS)
  • Carrier of transplants of animal origin
  • Belonging to HIV risk groups and sexual contact with people in risk groups
  • Past or active cancer


In principle, all illnesses that pose a risk to either the donor himself or the recipient lead to exclusion from donating blood or to deferral.
You can find out more at an informative discussion with a donor doctor.

Be sure to note before donating


  • Do not drink alcohol 12 hours before the donation as it draws fluid from the body
  • Do not consume any fatty or protein-rich food 6 hours before the donation
  • Before donating, drink at least 0.5 - 1 l of liquid (no coffee, black or green tea). Drinks are available for you during and after the donation. After the donation, please drink up to 2 liters more throughout the day.
  • Please have a good breakfast. Half a dry bun is not enough. In no case donate blood sober!
  • Do not smoke two hours before and after the donation
  • Bring a valid identity card
  • Please take out the chewing gum. There is a risk of swallowing during the donation.
  • Do little exercise on the day before the donation and, if possible, no sport on the day of the donation
  • Please rest 30 minutes after the donation. Only drive a car after the circulation is stable again.
  • Protect veins by changing the side to venipuncture when donating blood regularly.

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