What was your most beautiful dream

What was your best dream?

Jo folks, I just wanted to ask what these dreams mean ... Now I even dream several dreams every night. I'm 16 years old and a pubescent teenager. I would describe my personality as: loner, melancholic, few friends, boring, philosophical and I often think about life etc ... so someone who likes to be alone and thinks co. With people I am by necessity very talkative and always friendly, despite low self-esteem

Most dreams seem lucid, but what would you say do they mean?

Dream 1: I'm in love with an unknown girl, protect her from the whole world, lie on the meadow and hug each other and I have the feeling that I have to protect her above all

Dream 2: I am stabbed in the stomach by someone with a knife and followed, alerting the police, but no help comes

Dream 3: Dream about girls that I know and we put our heads together even though I don't actually like them in real life

Dream 4 & 5 & 6: I keep dreaming of girls that I've been in love for 4 years. In several of the dreams I stand in front of my friends and deny that I love them so that friends don't laugh at me (I actually had this situation often in real life).

Many seem clear, but do you think that I am protecting myself in dream 1? So I have little self-esteem, I am often nervous and Co.

What the hell does dream 2 mean?

I dreamed all dreams for 6 days in a row, I have a dream diary