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Contribution from Galighenna ┬╗Tue 6 Dec 2011, 6:28 pm

Yes and no
The differences are in the many small details that have an effect in different ways. An expensive bow CAN be better made. In other words, the finish is better, the edges smoother, the transitions sanded more cleanly etc pp .... In addition, the quality of the materials MAY be better (better quality control and thus a longer service life of the product)
Of course, the speed is somewhere in the price, but that doesn't have to be the case. There are quite expensive bows that are more comfortable on the way. In such a case, the price always includes the amount of development work that was spent on this bow. A high arrow speed is always at the expense of the lifespan, and if you as a manufacturer want to sell a bow that lasts long enough for the customer to be satisfied, and is still very fast, the manufacturer has to develop and test a lot in order to find an optimal compromise between Find durability and speed. In general, it takes a lot of development and work to build a really fast bow.

But these are all "CAN" facts. That means a bow X can have a focus on a great good finish, a bow Y has a focus on speed and and and ... and some have a very good compromise between all aspects. In addition, there are the lucky grips, where a manufacturer succeeds in creating a very powerful bow by "chance" and still can offer it at a very affordable price ...

That is why the advice to buy a bow is almost always: first roughly orientate what you are looking for and what price, and then go to a shop and actually test the bows in question. Only then do you feel how the bow behaves and whether it suits you ...
A comparison between cheap and expensive bows can also be helpful. It can even be that you don't really like an expensive bow at all and then you turn to a cheap model because the shooting experience is simply better with this one.
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