How do I prove a VA claim

Administrative Procedure Act (VwVfG)

§ 9Concept of administrative procedure§ 10Non-formalism of the administrative procedure§ 11Participation§ 12Capacity to act§ 13Involved§ 14Agents and advisers§ 15Appointment of an authorized recipient§ 16Appointment of a representative ex officio§ 17Substitute for uniform inputs§ 18Representatives for those involved with the same interest§ 19Common rules for representatives with uniform submissions and with the same interest§ 20Excluded people§ 21Concern of bias§ 22Beginning of the procedure§ 23Official language§ 24Investigation Principle§ 25Advice, information, early public participation§ 26Evidence§ 27Insurance in place of oathยง 27aPublic announcement on the Internet§ 28Hearings of stakeholders§ 29Access to files by those involved§ 30confidentiality