What are nice memories

Create beautiful memories - this is how it works

In the beginning it is always easy: Every little moment with a child is recorded as something worth remembering, as a photo or even in a kind of diary. But when the children are through puberty, we often find that at the end of the year there are hardly enough photos to make the obligatory calendar for the grandparents. And what happened again that year? Here you will find a few simple everyday helpers that will make it easier for you, but especially your children, to remember the beautiful moments from childhood and youth.

To help children remember a happy childhood, it is helpful to give the brain a little support. It tends to remember the less good things in particular. For one important reason: nature is about survival. Dangers - or negative experiences - must be memorized by the brain so that it can react more quickly if such a thing occurs again. So negative feelings are vital. Positive feelings, on the other hand, suggest security. They are important for long-term learning. If you want to make your child a happy, contented, positive person, give him positive memories. They start around the age of four. Everything that a child perceives beforehand belongs to the accumulation of knowledge and is internalized as an experience.

What helps you with this are rituals. Long frowned upon as old-fashioned and restrictive, they are experiencing a revival. Also because educationalists and therapists agree that they give children, in particular, support and a sense of security. But rituals also help to remember the beautiful things in life.

Here you can find simple rituals for every day: