Where can you sell desktop computers

Ebay: How to Sell Old Equipment Properly and Safely

Peter Stelzel-Morawietz

Discontinued electronic devices, PCs or parts thereof can be easily sold on the Internet at surprisingly high prices. We show you what you can get rid of and how you can publish your first advertisement on Ebay and Ebay classifieds without much effort.

The old television has been in the basement for years, two disused computers have the same fate and the small appliances that nobody uses are gathered in the office cupboard. It looks like this or something similar in many households. According to a current estimate by the IT industry association Bitkom, there are around 200 million discarded cell phones in this country alone. The devices are rarely replaced because they are broken. Most of the time something new is bought simply because it's better, bigger, and more modern. Instead of the functional "old devices" taking up space at home, it is better to sell them on the Internet. On the one hand, they continue to be used, and on the other hand, selling them often brings a surprising amount of money. What is customary with used cars also works with entertainment electronics, computers and other IT hardware - just a lot easier!

Is it even worth selling used equipment?

How much money can a specific device actually make? To estimate this in advance, simply click on the right of the large “Find” button on “Advanced” on the Ebay sales platform and enter your product term - for example Samsung Galaxy S7 - on, then activate the option "Sold items" and click on "Find".

Naturally, the price achieved for previous sales fluctuates from advertisement to advertisement, after all it also depends on the condition and age of the individual devices. But you quickly get a feel for it, in the example of the Samsung smartphone, which is over four years old, it would be around 100 euros. With this result, you can decide whether you want to sell the device, pass it on to the family or dispose of it. In principle, you can get rid of all kinds of electronic devices via purchase portals such as Rebuy or Wirkaufens. This is even more convenient, but of course the companies also earn money.

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Selling yourself online is the most profitable

EnlargeEbay offers the possibility to estimate the expected sales proceeds of a certain device very specifically in advance. A used Samsung Galaxy S7 phone costs around 100 euros.

Which Internet platform is now best suited for sales? The largest online marketplaces are Ebay and its previous offshoot Ebay Classifieds. This is also where most of the private sales are carried out because they work nationwide and beyond. Apart from the name, Ebay and Ebay classified ads have little in common. On Ebay, the entire sales process is very standardized, automated and therefore “professional”. This includes - regardless of whether you are selling something at a fixed price or as an auction - that you cannot determine the buyer yourself: The fastest or highest bidder wins the bid and then usually pays in advance.

The buyer risk is also limited because the seller has to prove his identity when creating an Ebay account, in Germany by address data comparison via Schufa, the payment service provider PayPal or by letter by post. This security and the entire process can be paid to Ebay with a commission of 10 percent of the purchase price (fee details here). The seller pays for this.

Ebay classified ads, on the other hand, work like classified ads in newspapers in the past: sellers and interested parties come into direct contact, negotiate with each other and come to an agreement. The platform itself is largely left out, does not secure the process and does not require any personal authentication. But the sale is free here. Ebay classified ads are therefore particularly suitable for handing over the goods in person for cash, but shipping is risky. For example, if you want to sell your TV set and don't have a box to send it, you've come to the right place. What can be sent, on the other hand, goes faster on Ebay because of the larger nationwide customer base or makes more money.

Ebay: auction or sale at a fixed price

On Ebay you can auction goods or sell them at a predetermined price. Auctions usually run for seven or ten days, fixed price advertisements until the point in time at which someone buys. Experience shows that auctions pose practically no risk with many branded devices. On the contrary, a Fritzbox, an iPhone, a TV from Samsung, LG or Sony and the like always go away. A starting price of one euro even encourages bidding, the bids practically rise by themselves. In over 15 years, the author has not yet had to sell a device below its value due to a lack of bids. Because an auction always runs a multiple of 24 hours, please make sure that it ends at a reasonable time, i.e. not at night. Because “correct” bids are often only offered towards the end of the auction.

EnlargeFixed price on Ebay: Via the "Buy It Now" button you buy the goods at the stated price, but interested parties can also make their own suggestion to the seller.

Selling at a fixed price is a good idea if it is difficult to estimate the interest in the product, as is the case with no-name goods. Because they are rarely specifically searched for, please select the correct sales category, otherwise no one will come across it while browsing. As the price, you first define your desired price and wait a few days to see whether someone buys or how high the "price proposals" of the interested parties may be. It is also possible to combine auction and fixed price sale.

Something organizational before the first sale on Ebay

EnlargeEbay (above) and Ebay classifieds (below) are two things: Ebay is more professional and offers significantly more service, but charges for it. When it comes to classified ads, you have to take care of more yourself.

Ebay as well as Ebay classified ads require an online account. While the creation of classifieds on Ebay ("Register") is done quickly, it is a bit more complex on Ebay. Depending on the type of address verification chosen, the process takes a few days. Also make sure that you create a private seller account.

Furthermore, you have to deposit your credit card for the sales commission or give Ebay a direct debit authorization. It is also advisable to set up a PayPal account that your buyers can use to pay for the goods. Since PayPal credits the seller with his money immediately and securely, the payment method has established itself as a quasi-standard on Ebay. Alternatively, enter your account details for transferring via current account.