How can family problems relieve stress

Avoid stress in the family (digitalanders)

More than 50 percent of Germans say they experience stress in the family. Are you one of them? Then check which onescausesthe stress is on you and use these hints and tips for your family.

These symptoms are warning signs of pathological family stress

If any of the followingfive points applies to you, it's time to do something:

  • You react irritably
  • You are in a bad mood
  • You scold your partner or the children more and more
  • You sleep badly
  • You will get sick

17 tips on how to avoid family stress

You can actively learnFamily stress better todeal withto live a happy and healthy life. Here are a few tips on how to keep stress at bay:

  1. Lack of communication can cause stress. Take enough time in the family to talk to each other about small disruptive factors, problems, fears, and hardships. Have one meal a day to exchange ideas. Also talk about events that are very stressful for you. These include issues such as the death of a loved one or illness. Don't hesitate - professional help can often help. Ask your family doctor about this, he will help you.
  2. Bundle tasks -clean together, work in the garden together. Design oneWeekly scheduleto better structure the workload. Distributes tasks fairly among all family members. Even small tasks take up a lot of time.
  3. Efficiency is the magic word. An important prerequisite for this: Learn to use your time wisely. Make sure that you do team building in the family and work through tasks in a bundled manner. Check when a task needs to be done. Not everything has to be done immediately!
  4. A lot has to be prepared in advance of public holidays or family celebrations. For large events such as big birthdays, baptisms, weddings or a funeral service, it makes sense to book venues and hire professionals. So you can do a lotLet work take offand prepare a basis for decision-making that will make the preparation easier and less stressful for you.
  5. Grab forpublic holidays back on traditions. There is a reason why we keep doing things the same way. Routine means better planning, preparation and less stress.
  6. Always try to find apositive attitude to keep - no matter what. Be optimistic and benevolent and infect all family members with it.
  7. Acceptthat there are situations that you cannot control: burst water pipes, accidents and injuries or illnesses.
  8. Avoid aggression. Remain determined, clear and precise. Classify your feelings, beliefs, and opinions for yourself instead of getting angry or passive.
  9. Practice inRelaxation techniqueslike meditation, yoga or tai chi. Make sure to take the time to turn tension into relaxation.
  10. TrainBody and mind regularly - preferably together with your family. Those who are fit can also cope better with stress.
  11. Pay attention to enoughRest and sleep. Your body must be able to and be allowed to recover from stressful events such as children's birthdays.
  12. The nutritionfor the whole family should be healthy and balanced. An adult should eat 500 grams of vegetables daily as the main part of a good diet. Nuts, kernels, seeds, bananas, oat flakes, green vegetables and fish provide numerous valuable ingredients. These support memory as well as the ability to concentrate and also have a positive effect on the hormonal balance responsible for the perception of stress.
  13. Stay away from alcohol, Cigarettes and other drugs or compulsive behavior to reduce stress.
  14. Take care of yoursWork-life balance: A balance between all the things you have to do and the time you can enjoy recharging your battery. Create space for hobbies, relaxation, friends and everything that is good for you.
  15. Set boundaries for yourself and the whole family and learn, sometimes"Say noto be able to. Don't stress yourself unnecessarily when you are already at your limit.
  16. Be good to your childrenIdoland a team as a family - that will pay off in the long run!
  17. If necessary, don't go aheadprofessional help Go back and find a family therapist, psychologist, mental coach or family manager who will pave you a healthier path with less stress in the family.

Parents suddenly? More anti-stress tips for families with children

Every family has to find itself anew when a child is born. These tips will help you get started as a (larger) family:

  • Parental leave: The start is easier when both partners are at home and support each other. A longer vacation or parental leave will help.
  • Sleep:As parents, make sure that you get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is a common trigger for stress.
  • Grandparents:Family members love to help and will certainly go for a walk with the baby in the afternoon. For you as parents the right opportunity to do something for yourself or to relax.
  • Have food delivered:Ordered food. In some cities there are also delivery services for beverages and groceries. This will save you a lot of time.
  • Baby visits: Badly organized baby visits often end in chaos. Don't invite too many friends in too short a time. A suitable gift: food and drinks! That saves the preparation.
  • Find like-minded people: Be sure - other parents have the same problems! Exchange ideas and benefit from the experiences of others. You will notice: you too are doing a lot right and can give valuable tips.

What to look out for when there's a crunch in the family

  • Sufficient communication- speak openly about disruptive factors, problems and fears.
  • Usescommon mealsto exchange yourselves.
  • If something unforeseen happens -bring friends or relatives to your place .. Never hesitate to seek professional help.
  • Holidays and family celebrations -picks upTraditionsback. There is a reason why we keep making things the same. Routine means better planning and preparation and minimizes stress.
  • For major events - hire professionals.

Permanently stressed? This is how you recognize and reduce chronic family stress

If you wake up in the morning with a feeling of stress, this feeling does not change during the day and you go to sleep with this feeling in the evening, the clear signs are that yourChronic stress has become.

You can counteract chronic family stress by first analyzing your everyday family life: your days are almost always filled with too many tasksCommunications fell asleep with family members or individual family members cause anger and thus stress.

Run a small oneStress analysis through with yourself. Take a large sheet of paper and draw a table with the columns “Date”, “Time”, “Stress cause”. Fill in the table whenever you feel stressed about everyday family life. Write down when and what you are stressed about. Try one after a weekConclusion to create. You should tackle stressful situations that occur very frequently and that are extremely stressful for you. In the section “Tips on how to avoid stress in the family”, you can find initial solutions for stress symptoms.

Stress During Pregnancy: The Dangers And What To Do About It

Up to a point there is stress in pregnancyno problem. The unborn child can handle it well. It becomes problematic when you are constantly under a lot of stress. In the worst case, this can lead to aPremature birthlead or make your child atoo low birth weight Has. As a precautionary measure, you can already observe and implement the following:

  • Breaks for your body:Treat yourself to rest breaks during the day and in the evening. As a pregnant woman, you have the right to a quiet room at work. Do not have a guilty conscience towards work colleagues: You do it not only for yourself, but above all for your unborn baby!
  • Let yourself be pampered: Relax with a massageTreat yourself to a break in the bathtub or in the thermal bath.
  • Fill withgood foods your nutrient store.
  • Do sports: Use exercise programs for pregnant women such as yoga.
  • If you are still suffering from excessive stress, be sure to discuss this problem with yoursGynecologist. He will support you, put you on sick leave or even ban you from your profession.

Be sure: These problems concern almost all couples - and be just as certain: You too will find good answers to all these questions!

How to avoid stress with the mother-in-law

Your mother-in-law is your partner's mother and is closely related to him. In retrospect, your mother-in-law certainly didn’t do everything when bringing up her up - but hopefully she did a lot right. From this perspective that isInterfere the mother-in-law in raising your children or understanding your relationship. With this you don't want to harm your family, but rather help.

Today, however, there is new scientific knowledge and other educational methods. Therefore try to take a relaxed approach to this supposed interference. Release tension with aappreciative and open communication. Thank the mother-in-law for her advice. After all, she only wants what's best for you and your child. To do this, involve your mother-in-law on topics where you actually need your advice. This reduces the number of situations in which she gives your advice without being asked.

  • Communication: Communicate appreciatively and openly.
  • Gratitude: Thanks to the mother-in-law for her advice. She only wants the best for you and your child.
  • Binding: Involve your mother-in-law on issues where you actually need their advice. This reduces the number of situations in which she gives your advice without being asked.

You should involve your partner in spicy topics, after all, she / he is your mother-in-law's child and therefore has a different position from which to communicate. If the conflict is too deep, get external help: go toFamily counseling centersand ask for oneConsultation appointmentin which you address his problem.

Peaceful coexistence of several generations under one roof

Many families live in one house with several generations. If you follow these tips, nothing stands in the way of a harmonious coexistence:

Everyone needs time for themselves - you too! It is important that you create retreats for each family member.

Address disruptions promptly so that the other person knows what is bothering you and can deal with it accordingly.

Channel visits to times that suit you. This way you guarantee to see each other regularly and to maintain the good climate.