Which breeds of chicken are easiest

Laying chickens - one egg every day, please

The classification of breeds of chicken is not only based on their external appearance, but also based on their usefulness. Domestic chickens can produce a considerable amount of eggs per year if their eggs are taken from them every day. While hybrid breeds are used almost exclusively in the agricultural industry, which have been bred for the highest possible laying performance, the chicken farmer is increasingly enjoying not only the visual appeal of his chickens, but also their speed.

Which chickens lay best? - Chicken breeds with good laying performance

Just as there are chicken breeds bred for good meat, there are also some particularly hard-working specimens among the numerous poultry breeds when it comes to laying performance. Although they can hardly keep up with the hybrid breeds of the agricultural industry, which produce up to 320 eggs per year, these laying chickens provide a thoroughly acceptable amount for domestic use with 180 to 220 eggs per year. The chicken breeds with good laying performance but a rather low meat set include, for example:

Laying performance of chickens - table

Leghorn chickens

For the layman, the difference between Leghorn and the white color of the Italians cannot be seen. A distinction is probably only possible on paper anyway, because on international ...

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What was once bred as a pure fighter is now a popular farm chicken. Beauty and performance were ideally combined in the Kraienköppen by humans. The Kraienköppe, who ...

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Friesian chicken

It is still not known where the Friesian chicken originally came from. What is certain, however, is that it has been at home on Frisian farms for many centuries and during this time it rarely ...

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Nobody can say with absolute certainty where the Araucana originate. However, everything indicates that they came from the semi-wild chickens of the islanders of the South Seas and ...

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Barnevelder chickens

Barnevelder chickens are lively chickens, but exude calm character due to their pleasant temperament. In other words: You are constantly on the move, looking for food, a wild ...

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The Brakel chicken is one of the oldest domestic chicken breeds. Country fowls had been kept in western Europe for centuries. It is believed that the Brakel chickens were raised from them. ...

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Rhinelander chickens

Even today, many parts of the Eifel are considered structurally weak. Industrialization is not very advanced here, but the landscape is strongly characterized by agriculture. Taking this as an opportunity, at the end of the 19th ...

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Hamburger chickens

Contrary to what the name suggests, it is very likely that the Hamburg chickens did not originate in Hamburg. Rather, its name comes from the fact that many goods, including animals, are in ...

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Laying chickens for egg production

So if you don't just want to look at your chickens and breed them for your “plate”, but still want to benefit from them, you will be well served with a breed of chicken that is happy to lay - laying chickens.

Often the laying chicken breeds are lighter breeds of chicken that fall into a medium weight class. Due to their agile nature they wait with a good appetite, but put on significantly less meat than the heavy and leisurely meat chicken breeds.

Incidentally, some fighting chicken breeds also turn out to be hardworking egg layers, but are less suitable for consumption due to their very muscular and sinewy body structure. Most of the chicken breeds that go with the laying hens still make a tasty roast and are enough to feed a large family.

The Leghorns are also widespread as pure laying chickens. This chicken is also very light and has a lively character, so it "eats" less meat than some meat chickens. The Leghorn's tendency to breed is, however, only sparse, but it gives its owner a real flood of eggs.

Its ability to lay is also the reason why it was used in the past as a breeding basis for numerous “industrial chickens”.

Silberhals chicken, Lohmann chicken and other hybrids

In the country trade, laying hens are often sold under names such as silver neck chicken, Lohmann chicken or Sparrowhawk chicken. However, these names are not breeds of chickens. These chickens are the result of a deliberate crossing of two breeds of chicken and are called hybrids. Such chickens are used in industrial egg production.

With a clever selection of the basic breeds, chickens can be “created” that have a very specific characteristic, for example excellent laying performance. Unfortunately, this also means that the animals are more susceptible to diseases of the laying apparatus. In industrial egg production, the chickens are replaced after 14 months, so the advantages of the high egg production clearly outweigh the advantages. In the hobby, it is better to do without one or the other egg and prefer typical chicken breeds with good laying performance.