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Ole Miss overwhelmed in Auburn

Ole Miss was the favorite before the SEC game against Auburn and was also included in the ranking lists. Overall, the Rebels could not withstand the pressure from the opposing defensive line and had to admit defeat at 22:30.

Auburn continued to try to move away from the unacceptable performance of last season, relying mainly on the Sacks, Dee Ford, Gabe Wright and Carl Lawson used against Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace. "The big sacks were pretty critical for Ole Miss and they were pretty intimidating," said Auburn's head coach Guz Malzahn, who is counting on his team to keep improving from week to week.

The Jordan-Hare saw an important win against a top 25 team that owed a large part of its success to its defense and was already in the lead 20: 6 after two quarters. Auburn's quarterback Nick Marshall then used the gifts from his colleagues and rushed for a total of 140 yards, or generated two touchdowns. Ole Miss was supposed to produce 51 moves in the first two quarters alone, but the Tigers Defense Rotation stopped Ole Miss during three important drives which, if successful, could have overturned the game. "I think that it is a particular strength of ours when we play with a lot of guys and the big plays in the fourth quarter come from the defense when we need them," said Malzahn.

But Auburn's actions in the first quarter were also impressive. The 78 yard intercetion return touchdown from Robenson Therezie gave Auburn a 13-3 lead. However, QB Marschall should also celebrate some successful moves that were played out more on the basis of the facts. Passing moves were not so pronounced against the Rebels, but his five yard touchdown keeper in the middle of the second quarter kept the distance to Ole Miss, so that the truism "statistics are not everything" holds true this time. Ole Miss won more yards, but the Tigers were wide awake when it came to the important decisions and big plays. That was clearly felt during the start-up phase when Auburn started with a 61 yard drive and Mason eventually covered over 48 yards to celebrate the first touchdown of the day. Ole Miss could only counter a field goal in response, so that therezie's first feat was to be admired. When he intercepted an Ole Miss pass and ran 78 yards back to 13: 3, the stadium vibrated. Then Ole Miss could not really recover from these shocks. After a meager field goal, it was Marschall's turn again, who scored over five yards in the third quarter. After that, Ole Miss found little help. Their attempts at attack ended either with an interception, a sack or a punt.

Schlueter - October 6th, 2013

Aubbie, the mascot of the Auburn Tigers, was able to cheer against Ole Miss several times. (© Getty Images)

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