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ordinary demon (Black eyed demon)
"That's what happens when you go to Hell, Dean. That's what Hell is like. You forget who you were."

Ruby was a female demon devoted to delivering Lucifer. After Azael's death, she allied herself with Lilith and helped her to free Lucifer: Lilith would break the 66 seals, while Ruby protects Sam, the special child, and prepares him for the killing of Lilith and the breaking of the last seal.

This plan was only known to Lilith and Ruby, which is why Ruby was viewed as a traitor to Hell as she worked with the Winchesters.

First she formed an alliance with the ignorant Sam by promising to free his brother Dean from his crossing contract. However, it turned out to be wrong and Ruby told Sam that he was able to kill Lilith and thereby avenge Dean's time in Hell.

During Dean's stay in Hell, she increased her reliability by helping Sam, training him to become more powerful through demon blood and also making him dependent on it. Their relationship deepened and got on a sexual level. She shaped him into a perfect shell for Lucifer and manipulated him to break or kill the last seal, Lilith. After her apparent betrayal, she was stabbed to death by Sam and Dean with her own knife.


Early history

According to Ruby, she lived in the time of the black death. She became a demon in 1350. Chances are she loved someone because in an episode flashback, she tells Dean that she knows what it's like to lose someone.

Ruby used to become a witch by selling her soul to a demon. In the episode witch bag, she indicated that the relationship with the demon was also sexual in nature. After Ruby originally died, her soul went to hell, where she was tortured until almost nothing of her humanity remained and she became a demon.

season 2

Ruby was among the demons who escaped hell when Jake Talley opened the gates of Hell in Wyoming. She allied with Lilith there. Lilith should break the seals while Ruby protects Sam and prepares to break the final seal. She should also see to it that Sam becomes the shell for Lucifer.

Season 3 and Season 4

Ruby started looking for Sam and eventually found him. She met him in Season 3 when he was just threatened by the Seven Deadly Sins. She killed 3 of the seven deadly sins with her knife and disappeared.

A short time later, she met Sam and claimed she was a hunter just like him. She revealed that she knows that Sam is a special child and tells him that all of his mother's relatives and acquaintances, Mary Winchester, were killed by Azael. He checked that and it was revealed to be true. Later in the same episode, he met Ruby again and asked her how she knew so much. She was forced to reveal her identity as a demon. Sam didn't hesitate and quickly grabbed the holy water. Before he could pour the holy water on her, Ruby was able to convince Sam that she wanted to help him. She promised to help him break Dean's deal with the Crossroads Demon.

In Sin City, Bobby Singer tried to repair the Colt. He managed to repair the Colt enough to kill people and the like, but not demons. Then Ruby came along just as Bobby was firing a couple of test shots. She volunteered as a test person to find out whether the Colt actually can't kill demons. It turned out that he really can't kill demons. Ruby offered to help him fix the Colt, which she managed. Sam later used it to kill two demons, including Casey, who threatened Dean.

As a result, witch bags met Dean and Sam Ruby on a street. Dean felt that Ruby was angry and wanted to kill her with the Colt, which Sam had prevented. Ruby warned the Winchester brothers that a witch had been adopted by the demon Tammi and that she had previously taught Ruby. Ruby warned not to go see her as she was afraid the Winchesters would die. However, they ignored their warnings.

Later in the same episode, Dean is poisoned and almost dies. However, Ruby was able to intervene in time and gave him a, according to Dean terrible tasting, potion that saved his life. Meanwhile, Sam is threatened by the demon Tammi. Ruby and Dean rush to help. Once there, Ruby pretends to deliver the two of them as a gift to gain Tammi's trust, which initially works. Then Ruby wants to kill Tammi with her knife, which she notices in time. Tammi defeats Ruby in a duel and is about to kill her when a witch casts a spell that weakens Tammi. So Dean and Sam can kill the demon.

In a conversation between Dean and Ruby, Dean learns how demons arise. She explains that everyone was once human, went to hell and was tortured there until they lost their humanity and became demons. She explains to him that he too will one day become a demon if he should stay in hell. Ruby admits she can't break Dean's deal, but she needs Dean's help to prepare Sam for the fight with Lilith. Dean affirms. She claims, unlike the other demons, to still have her humanity, which is why she helps the Winchesters.

The "armistice" between Dean and Ruby did not last very long, however. It broke after Bela Talbot stole the Colt. Ruby suggested cutting out Nancy Fitzgerald's heart to kill all of the demons. Nancy wanted to do this voluntarily, however, as she could save the others that way. Dean was against it anyway, because Sam had a better idea. He wanted to record the spell on exorcising the demons on a tape and broadcast it over the loudspeaker. The plan initially turned out to be ideal. After Dean and Sam got home alive, Ruby walked in and told them to turn on the TV. This way they realize that everyone died because of Lilith. So Ruby was upset that her plan would have been better. Then Ruby gave the Winchester witch bag to hide from Lilith.

Season 15

Castiel almost lets himself be killed by Jack Kline so that he can get into the void to question Ruby. Visited in a review

Ruby Anael complimenting Ruby's brunette sleeve. Ruby accuses Anael of persevering with her, but Anael insists that she respect her order and not interfere if Ruby agrees to return "the soul of a juice" for a decent fee, while Ruby with Anael's "sideshow of the bleeding one." Heart "gets along well. Ruby has learned that Anael has the occult and promises to win Anael as a buyer for a taste of the power of the occult. Ruby states that the occult is worth millions and suggests that it appeals to Anael very much.


Ruby was aggressive, manipulative, and lying. She had a pretty dark sense of humor, which you can tell by her reaction to Sam's mention of Azael's 1972 massacre in a monastery. She had a strong religious belief in Lucifer. She devoted herself to an undercover mission for 2 years to free him and then died, which is why she called herself the most loyal and best supporter. She believed that he would save all demons. After Lucifer's liberation, she behaved intimidated and ecstatic.

Ruby was sure that she was different from other demons because she remembered her human life and therefore wanted to defend humanity. In Lucifer rises it turned out that this was at least partially a lie.


Ruby's body was obviously completely disfigured after centuries of torture. Dean Winchester and Anna Milton both reacted with disgust when they saw their real faces. Ruby manifests as black smoke, like all demons without a human body. She preferred to use young women as a casing for meat. She later wore a black leather jacket with black pants and boots.



  • Series creator Eric Kripke intended from the start that Ruby would be evil.
  • Ruby has been misrepresented in press releases to avoid plot changes and / or annoy fans: prior to her introduction to season three and the exposure of her demonic nature, she was described as a slayer more skilled than Sam or Dean and as Waitress named Kristy was described who was a mistress for Sam's in season 4.