What is the best course for astronomy

Astronomie.de - The beginner's course from March 1st to May 31st, 2021

QUESTION: Is there an age limit to participate?
ANSWER: No. We have had participants under the age of 12.

QUESTION: Are there gift vouchers?
ANSWER: We have not prepared any gift vouchers, but you can of course register and pay for someone else. In the registration form, simply specify who the registration data should be sent to and to whom.

QUESTION: Has this course been registered?
ANSWER: Yes. All Astronomie.de courses are registered with the state central office for distance learning in Cologne (ZFU). If you read through the text of the contract, which you will find on the registration form, you will see that it was formulated for the benefit of the participants. If you take the course, we will assume that you have read and accepted the text. Otherwise, Astronomie.de is (hopefully) known for responding to (almost) all requests.

QUESTION: How is the course going?
ANSWER: Once a week (usually on Sunday morning) a new chapter is activated, which everyone can then work through in peace - either as a website or as a printable PDF. At the end there are a number of comprehension questions that anyone can work through in peace - but this is voluntary. The answers can then be sent to the course instructor for checking, but after a week they will also be activated on the website.
In addition, there is a mailing list that the course participants can use to discuss with one another and to pester the course instructor with questions.

QUESTION: Are there set times when I have to be at the computer?
ANSWER: NO! Everyone can work through the chapters in peace if they have the time. Anyone can also take part in the mailing list if they have the time. Thematically, it is not limited to the current course topics.

QUESTION: When does the next course take place?
ANSWER: The course usually takes place twice a year, around the beginning of March and the beginning of September.