How do I get experience as a football coach

Occupation: football coach

Once you are a football teacher, you have a ticket for the professional clubs, at least in theory. The training to get this ticket costs around 15,000 euros and whoever invests that will want to go to the coaching bench of a football club at some point.

You don't get anything for free, especially if your name is relatively unknown in the football world. If you are new to the football business, you have to make a name for yourself. This can be done, for example, through internships at professional clubs at home and abroad. In addition, you can attend training courses, watch games, but all without payment.

It is easier for ex-professionals who in the past were able to start their coaching careers with short courses. You are already well known and, through your experience as a former professional player, you are familiar with the content and problems involved in coaching professional teams. However, this has changed in recent years, even coaches who have not had a great football career are increasingly finding their way into the clubs. Current examples are Julian Nagelsmann, Domenico Tedesco and Thomas Tuchel.

You have to financially for your "Dream job football coach“Surviving dry spells again and again. Former football professionals have an easier time there; they were able to build up reserves in their careers. Professional football coaches need financial security because long periods of unemployment often have to be bridged. In good times you should therefore think of bad times and adapt your lifestyle accordingly.

If you are successful as a coach, you are the hero

The President of the Association of German Football Teachers, Lutz Hangartner said: “It's a fast-paced, tough, sometimes brutal business.” All that counts is success and if that doesn't happen, the coach is gone. Whether you then find your way back to the professional trainer bench is not automatic, especially when long periods of non-employment follow, you will simply be forgotten. If you are successful, you are the hero and if there are no results, the pressure from the club, the media and the fans increases.

In the event of failure, as the coach, you are always to blame and often you cannot influence the results of your team. The team plays well, but doesn't score any goals, the goalkeeper misses three games in a row and then there is also bad luck with injuries. At some point there will come a time when nobody cares anymore and you have to leave.

Many football instructor licenses expire because the mandatory two-year training courses are not completed. Since there are no statistics for the “why?” It is believed that these football teachers have ended their dream. Some coaches return to the job market and look for a "normal" job, others remain true to football, become sports director, manager, scout or agent and advise players.