How does the use of Ni feel?

So tender - that you don't slip on it

With the help of ceramic technology, it is possible: The floors now feel more and more silky and there is no risk of slipping. The Antislip Shoeless Plus models are the most advanced slip-resistant floor tiles from Keraben Grupo

The weather is getting better again and we are spending more and more time in our private outdoor areas. It is therefore important that these meet our needs. When choosing floor tiles for the garden or terrace we are looking for functionality as well as aesthetics.

Anti-slip floor tiles have been around for a long time in the ceramics industry, but they just kept getting better. Depending on our needs, we can opt for different models in order to avoid possible risks in outdoor areas or to optimize functionality in indoor areas.

Keraben Grupo has developed new anti-slip floor tiles, namely the version Antislip Shoeless Plus, an improved edition of the well-known Antislip Shoeless tile. These new tiles feel particularly pleasant, delicate and silky, and are completely different from the previous anti-slip tiles, which were rough and uneven.

State-of-the-art technology and the Lappato design ensure that something that previously seemed impossible has now become reality: the tiles feel extremely delicate. It's a fact: the future of ceramics knows no boundaries.


What are the benefits of Shoeless Plus?

- Maximum security. Both in outdoor and indoor areas with moisture, these floor tiles show their technical characteristics and offer security for the whole family.

- Quality guarantee. The Institute for Ceramic Technology has tested the effectiveness of these tiles. The results of the slide tests were successful: pendulum (C3), ramp (R10) and barefoot (A + B + C).

- Impeccable designThe matt Lappato design, which is created as a result of the technical features, is also a very attractive element in terms of appearance and goes well with other materials.

- Homogeneous natural execution.The design and color are not affected by the performance of this version, i. that is, they can be used indoors and outdoors, thus achieving visual continuity.

- You feel comfortable. We have already referred to the most important advance in this ceramic technology: delicacy. Due to their low roughness, these tiles have a texture that is very pleasant to walk on.

- Easy cleaning. Delicacy and uniformity mean less care. With its silky texture, this anti-slip version is easier to clean than the previous one and you can use more detergent for it.

Good for indoor areas. The delicate design is so successful that it can also be a very good option for areas with less demanding technical requirements, for example indoors.


Forward-looking steps

Antislip Shoeless PLUS is proof that natural design and flawless appearance can be maintained while using the most advanced technology. In the future, you will no longer have to choose between a pleasant or a non-slip surface. And that's not a dream of the future, it's already the present.

Your floors can be more pleasant be silky and much safer.