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Personal data have been under increased protection since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation. Detect data leaks before cyber criminals do.

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Inadequately tested software can have critical consequences. Let us determine the quality of your software now and find security holes before criminals do.

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The execution of the pentest starts with a conversation. We discuss the procedure and the course of the test.

2. Implementation & documentation

We attack. We find weak points and keep them organizationally and understandably.

3. Presentation & retest

We present the weak points found and support you in closing them.

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Professional advice, complicated processes clearly explained. I can only recommend!

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Professional and super fast responses to all business inquiries. We had two presentations on data theft and phishing prevention that were very helpful. Real IT people and not just the daily IT scammers.

Tobias Schroer

I have been able to closely monitor the company's development for more than a year and always find it very professional. I look forward to further cooperation in various projects.

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Great people, always thorough and competent. Already booked several times for lectures and thrilled again and again. Hope to see you again soon.

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Very professional, competent and motivated! I look forward to working with you on the Ruhr-Israel Cyber ​​Activator 19/20 and other projects in the future.

Inga von Hagen-Huelsberg

The friendly speakers from AWARE7 helped me to navigate the Internet more safely. I also think it's great that there is a newsletter so that you can stay up to date.

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You ask - we answer.

Your system will be tested by our experts without any knowledge on our part. We only give your company name to our testers and they start with the information research. This attack is closely based on a real attacker, but the initial information research takes a long time, depending on the scope of the system, so that a large time frame must be selected in order to obtain meaningful results.

The most necessary information was exchanged via the target system. This includes, for example, the URL of the application and user credentials that represent different user roles. The Greybox test is the most effective way to examine your application. Due to the lack of extensive information research compared to the black box test, more attention can be devoted to the discovery and exploitation of security gaps.

In the white box test, there is full knowledge of the target system. The white box penetration test includes an extensive code review. This review is carried out with a focus on IT security. Architecture and infrastructure aspects are also examined and then assessed. The white box penetration test, similar to the black box penetration test, takes a lot of time to carry out.

Virus scanners and firewalls are no longer sufficient these days for various reasons. In networked applications in particular, the server is the component that needs the best protection and there is usually no virus scanner there. These are mainly to be found on end devices such as laptops or workstations, but not in the server area. The aim of a penetration test is to pass the firewall and gain access to the system via a legitimate application. While a firewall is supposed to prevent attackers from misusing any services, a pentest ensures that the attackers do not gain access to the system that is disguised as legitimate data traffic.

There are different standards in the field of pentesting. One of the best-known families is certainly the OWASP Top 10. The OWASP Top 10 is a regularly updated report that highlights security concerns for the security of web applications and focuses on the 10 most critical risks. The report is produced by a team of security experts from around the world. OWASP describes the top 10 as a “sensitization document” and recommends that all companies integrate the report into their processes in order to minimize and / or prevent security risks Payment cards industry is used. The standard is divided into two areas, a requirement area and a “guidance” area. The last noteworthy framework is the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). This is defined as follows: The implementation standard for penetration tests consists of seven main sections. These include everything to do with a penetration test - from the initial communication and reasoning behind a pentest, to the intelligence-gathering and threat modeling stages where testers work behind the scenes to gain a better understanding of the organization being tested, about the Vulnerability research, exploitation and post-exploitation, in which the technical security expertise of the testers is used. This is combined with the business understanding of the engagement, up to and including the reporting that covers the entire process. Reporting is done in a way that makes sense for the customer and offers him the greatest benefit. If no test system is available ... then better professional A pentest on a test environment that reflects the original is a dream of every pentester. There is test data, it doesn't matter if systems are not accessible and all attacks can be carried out without the customer running the risk of losing sales. If you do not have a test system available, you should be able to rely on a professional provider in the field of pentesting. At AWARE7 only studied and certified IT security experts come into contact with your systems. In this way we can also carry out tests on live systems without unnecessarily endangering your customer data. We work to the highest standards.

Pentesting is a process, not a one-off project. Your application changes almost daily, dependencies on programs can change and become susceptible to new attacks, so it is important to introduce a continuous process. A one-time pentest is essential to determine the status quo. In terms of a long-term IT security strategy, you need a continuous process that shows and analyzes the problems in your system every year.


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