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The top 4 security camera manufacturers

The world's largest security camera manufacturers

From the global market for Video surveillance technology We have been receiving regular reports of rapidly growing sales figures for years. 2019 were Surveillance cameras, Network recorder and sold nearly $ 43 billion worth of accessories. Especially in the area of IP video surveillance there is still enormous potential for growth and industry experts assume that sales will triple in the next few years. One company has been a leader for years and clearly dominates as the world market leader: Hikvision. the world's largest manufacturers of surveillance cameras at a glance:

Hikvision as the number one manufacturer of video surveillance and security technology

Although the Hangzhou company was only founded in 2001, it quickly became a leader in the video surveillance market. Here you cover the whole range of professional surveillance solutions from. From video surveillance for private to systems for trade, industry or the public sector. Almost a trademark of the company are the many innovative technologies with which Hikvision video surveillance is constantly getting new applications and capabilities.

Almost every second Hikvision employee works in research and development

The success is not by chance. The company is highly focused on research and further development of its video surveillance technology. In 2018, the group employed around 34,000 people - over 30 percent more than in the previous year. About 16,000 of them were exclusively with the further development of Hikvision security technology employed. For years there has been intensive research into future topics such as artificial intelligence and self-learning systems or cloud solutions. Many smart ones Hikvision video surveillance cameras already master some of these technologies and show impressively the development video surveillance is taking - here at Cambuy.


  • Headquarters: Hangzhou - China
  • Sales 2015: $ 3.6 billion
  • Employee: 18.000
  • Products: IP and analog video surveillance technology

Number two: Dahua

During about half of the Security and video surveillance technology is supplied by Hikvision worldwide, Dahua Technology, also based in Hangzhou, China, has around a third of the market share. Around 16,000 people worked for Dahua Technology at the beginning of 2020 - around 6,000 of them in research and development. The development department receives ten percent of sales annually, around the Dahua video cameras and other surveillance technology. Dahua also relies heavily on future technologies such as AI or cloud services and has already demonstrated at various major events which extensive professional systems can be successfully set up: for example with the video surveillance systems for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro or for the G20 summit in the same Year.


  • Headquarters: Hangzhou - China
  • Sales 2015: $ 1.6 billion
  • Employee: 10.000
  • Products: IP and analog video surveillance technology

Axis Communications from Sweden follows in third place

In comparison with the turnover or sales figures of the two major camera manufacturers, the Swedish company appears Axis Communications Seemingly insignificant at first glance, unless a security and video surveillance camera Made in Europe is expressly desired. However, it should not be overlooked that the Swedes concentrate exclusively on IP video surveillance and can keep up with the two world market leaders in terms of technology. They also serve the still very high demand for analog surveillance cameras. The market for this is still large: in 2019, around one in three people sold worldwide Security Camera not yet with network technology.


  • Headquarters: Lund - Sweden
  • Sales 2015: $ 712 million
  • Employee: 2.139
  • Products: IP video surveillance technology

Directly behind: the traditional US company Pelco

Pelco has been manufacturing security and surveillance technology or surveillance cameras since 1957. 50 years later, Pelco was acquired by the French electrical engineering company Schneider Electric. Since then, these video cameras have been labeled Pelco by Schneider Electric. The products are mainly aimed at professional users and the operators or security officers in large public objects from shopping centers to airports and universities. The focus of the Pelco offer is on IP network cameras, special cameras and intelligent video management systems.


  • Headquarters: Clovis California - USA
  • Sales 2015: $ 400 million
  • Employee: 1.200 (2012)
  • Products: IP and analog video surveillance technology

With their current surveillance solutions and products, all these four manufacturers of surveillance cameras give a good outlook on what can be expected in the future with this security technology: IP video surveillance, cloud-based solutions and systems as well as intelligent, smart video analysis with versatile detection functions. You can get this technology from Cambuy today.