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We, the Clinic for Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery in Jena, carry out all valve operations without cutting the sternum (i.e. completely without a sternotomy), with a few exceptions, and increasingly also complete bypass operations. Whether it is aortic valve stenosis, mitral regurgitation, a combination of valve diseases or a triple bypass operation, a transection of the sternum is usually no longer necessary. -More information can be found here.
An example of oneminimally invasive mitral valve reconstruction can be viewed via the following video links: Video1 and Video2.
You can find information on minimally invasive aortic valve replacementhere.

A new field that we have helped to develop is that ofminimally invasive surgery on the tricuspid valve. With innovative methods, patients who were previously considered inoperable can also be given a new perspective, an example of this here in video3. But alsocomplex operations, such as technically complex multiple valve interventions and reconstruction of the heart base in severe endocarditisVideo4 are one of our main areas of expertise. The implementation of complete bypass operations via a mini-thoracotomy is completely new.

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In thoracic surgery, under the direction of Dr. Tim Sandhaus also operates primarily minimally invasive. In addition to the most modern 3D tower for videoscope operations, the robotic Da Vinci operating system is also available. With this system, even more complex operations for lung cancer or mediastinal tumors can be carried out in a minimally invasive manner. This procedure is only established in a few clinics worldwide.

Another focus is the provision of extensive findings in lung cancer and tumors in the border area between the lungs and the heart. This focus is only made possible through the combination of cardiac and thoracic surgical expertise (e.g. heart-lung machine, ECMO and HITHOC). This combination of skills also supports the heart and lung transplant program that has existed for two decades.

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We are also very active scientifically and are very committed to the education of our youngsters! ->research

In cooperation with the Hannover Medical School and the RWTH Aachen University Clinic, we run a scientific exchange program that enables young students to get an early start on an academic career. Medical students can apply here for a scholarship up to a 1-year stay. Details:see link

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