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Repairing shoes: this is how you save your favorite shoes

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Those who cannot part with their dearest couple and who value sustainability go to the shoemaker they trust. You don't always have to buy a new pair of shoes! There are many ways to bring your favorite treadmills back to a shine with a shoe repair from a professional. We'll tell you which shoe repairs a shoemaker offers and how much it costs To have shoes repaired by the shoemaker. Plus: Simple DIY tricks on how to repair your shoes yourself.

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What shoe repairs does a shoemaker offer?

Repair damaged heels

Bars, cobblestones or stones can put a lot of pressure on heels. Unsightly cracks in the leather or deep scratches in plastic heels are the result. In the case of minor injuries, you can still make do with nail polish or felt-tip pen, but if the damage cannot be overlooked, a professional shoe repair by the shoemaker is a must. So you can do one Leather heel again completely recoat or the Fill in scratches to let.

Tip: Incidentally, you can extend the life of your heels with heel protectors or high heel tops. It may not go with every outfit, but it can be worn with trousers, long dresses or in winter.

Repair broken paragraphs

This is the most stable way to prevent the heels from coming off in the long term Screw the heels together.

Tip: It should happen that the sale of the beloved high heels breaks off exactly when you absolutely want to put them on. If it happens to be Sunday or too late for the shoemaker, there is no reason to despair. Superglue is the savior in an emergency!

And that's how it works: Clean the place where the paragraph broke off and apply the superglue generously. Now press the heel on the spot and apply pressure for a few minutes. For example, you can press the shoe against a wall. It always lasts for one evening.

Eliminate scratches or sanding marks on the upper leather

If the upper leather is damaged by a deep scratch, the shoemaker can use a Filling the notch with hard wax and the subsequent treatment with a color-matching shoe polish make the scratches disappear.

Tip: For sanding marks that have not penetrated deeper into the upper material of the shoe, there is a simple solution that you can apply yourself: nail polish containing acetone. Because of its grease-dissolving properties, acetone removes tar and sanding marks from leather. Alternatively, you can use petroleum jelly, which is also very effective.

Repair creaking or squeaky shoes

The cause of the unpleasant background noise when walking is mostly due to friction between two leather surfaces, which is caused by loosening the seams. Individual parts of the shoe are then no longer so tightly connected to one another and cause squeaking or creaking noises due to the resulting friction.

Often you will find the tip to take out the shoe sole and sprinkle baby powder on it. While this can be effective, it does not solve the underlying problem. The loosening will cause the shoe to wear out faster and also affect other parts of the shoe. So if you want to enjoy your shoes even longer, a shoe repair by the shoemaker is the more sensible alternative.

Repair rising stitching

All seams on shoes can usually be repaired. You should have the shoemaker sew up seams on the shaft very soon in order to avoid major damage and thus higher costs. If only one end of the thread is missing, however, you can easily burn it down yourself with a flame.

Repair worn and torn heel lining

This not only makes the shoes unsightly, it also makes them less comfortable to wear. A shoemaker can remedy this by introducing a new lining.

Damaged or expired soles

Both glued and sewn through or doubled (welted) shoes can be resole.

Glued rubber soles that come off the shoe can often be glued again. If the damage is already too great, the sole must be completely replaced. Holes and cracks in rubber soles can also be remedied with a shoe repair.

We recommend a shoemaker to repair the toe of the sole when it is about two-thirds out of date. The same applies to the five to six millimeter thick outsole.

Replace sweaty and dirty insoles

Especially with popular shoes that are often worn, the insole, known in technical jargon as the "insole", quickly loses its appearance. But what many do not know - this sole can also be replaced by a new insole by the shoemaker.

Repair defective zips and Velcro fasteners

No problem - zips and Velcro fasteners can be replaced on most shoes and boots.

Stretching shoes that are too tight or too tight

Who doesn't know that: You fall in love with a shoe that feels a little too tight. Nevertheless, you buy it and think to yourself that it will stretch over time - but then it doesn't. Or you can buy a shoe that fits well but begins to pinch after a certain time. In this case, a cobbler can help.

Because the shoemaker can soften, widen and stretch the shoe in targeted areas such as the ball of the foot and the heel. So-called leather stretchers and chemical supports are used. Buttocks that press on the heels are softened again with a fulling cure.

What does a shoe repair cost?

First of all: the prices for shoe repairs are very different. The following prices represent mean values ​​for the most popular shoe service services that you can use as a guide.

Repair heels from € 10
new paragraphs from € 40
Heel lining from € 10
sharpen from € 10
Stretch your shoes from € 8
Protective sole from € 20
Leather sole from € 25
Rubber sole from € 20
Pass-through sole from € 40
Replace the zip from € 16

5 shoe hacks that you should also know about

Salt and water marks, damp or smelly shoes? In these cases, the cobbler is not necessarily the right address. With these simple tricks you can quickly eliminate these plagues yourself.

White vinegar against the edges of water and salt

When shoes and boots are attacked by water, snow and salt, they often show unsightly edges that cannot be tackled with shoe paste. The solution is a very simple home remedy: dip a soft toothbrush in distilled white vinegar and then gently scrub away the edges.

Remove mold from shoes

Sometimes the storage space in the apartment is scarce and you simply move to the basement. The disappointment is great when after a while you find the beautiful pieces covered with mold. Don't panic - you can get rid of the mold in no time with this simple method:

  • Wash shoes completely and thoroughly with water
  • Spray with a clotrimazole-containing spray (e.g. shoe disinfectant spray) and let it work for 24 hours
  • then wash again thoroughly
  • Let shoes dry (but not in a heat source!)
  • Repeat the process again if the mold could not be completely removed

Cat litter against damp shoes

If you spend the whole day in your shoes or if they are simply permanently damp from wind and weather, then cat litter will help. Just put it in a sock and put it in your shoes overnight. The litter absorbs the moisture and thus also removes the breeding ground for various bacteria and odors.

Freshen up smelly shoes

If the smell is not too strong, you can simply put newspaper, scented drying towels, tea bags (five per shoe) or pieces of wood (in a sock) in the shoes overnight.

If the smell is stronger, you can use this method: distribute baby powder evenly in the shoes. Then put the shoes in a lockable freezer bag and store them in the freezer for 12 to 24 hours.

Toothpaste for shiny sneakers

Anyone who has ever washed their sneakers in the washing machine knows that this cannot be a permanent solution, as the shoes lose their shape over time and fall apart. A very effective and simple alternative to this is Washing-up liquid combined with toothpaste.

Thats how it works: Dip a toothbrush or dishwashing brush in water, put a little washing-up liquid on it and use it to brush the sneakers vigorously until foam forms. Dab the foam with a towel. Then repeat the brushing process with the toothpaste. Dab off the excess foam and let the sneakers dry.

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