Likes to read books 1

Currently at Antolin

Antolin likes camping a lot and reading a little more.
(Johanna E., 7y.)

The Antolin, the Antolin, doesn't stop reading even in space and flies up to Mars in the process.
(Lukas L., 1st class)

I love my books. That makes me very happy.
(Mia M., 1st class)

The raven has a gift, reads diligently like a bee, with a lot of love.
(Anelya R., 1st class)

The Easter Bunny lays a book in the nest! It will be a great reading festival!
(David R., 7 y.)

Hello, I'm the little raven and I'll help you learn to read.
(Maria Irina)

I like to read every day and Antolin knows a lot of questions.
(Mia Liana, 8y.)

Antolin reads something and Caramello pricks up his ear.
(Samaya R., 7y.)

Antolin - that's for sure, because of you, kids become reading stars.
(Moritz L.)

Antolin the bookworm - he reads in the sun and in the storm.
(Leonie, 8y.)

Antolin is reading a book.

Antolin likes reading a lot and he likes books more and more.
(Valentin Sch.)

With Antolin reading is fun, you read a lot, you get something: points, certificates, medals, you have become a reading professional.
(Johanna J.)

Reading is terrific and Antolin is fantastic.
(Luis E., 7y.)

Antolin the little raven always has his cap on.
(Lina G.)

Hello look, the books are so heavy.
(Anna B., 8y.)

Homemade Antolin.
(Luna-Marie, 8 years)

I put the books on the shelf because I want to read them again.
(Hannah R., 3cl.)

I ride as fast as the wind and read the books just as fast.
(Lilly G., 7y.)

It would have been nice if there had also been a rhyme to read. (Red.)
(Nahed W.)

Antolin also reads in the fall, since he mostly ends up in the Seychelles.
(Conradin, 7 y.)

Reading is fun! I accelerate!
(Mars M., 8y.)

My Antolin Christmas quiz brings me a lot of fun and joy while reading.
(Tenzin, 6y.)

Antolin, the raven man, helps me to read!