How were toboggan huts introduced in Scandinavia

Postcards / Lithographs / On October 1, 1869, the "Correspondenz-Karte" was introduced in Austria-Hungary with the two-kreuzer stamp printed on it. It had an address and a message page; There were no pictures of any kind. At first, correspondence cards were only issued by the post office. From 1872, privately made postcards were also allowed to be placed on the market. The heyday of picture postcards began around 1890/95. the address page has only been divided into two parts since 1905 and may only contain messages in addition to the recipient address from this point in time. With older cards, only the picture side was intended for this, which is why the cards usually had the imprint "Greetings from ...".
Overall views of Schwaz, structured according to the cardinal points. Some of the motifs differ only in a few details. From an urban planning perspective, however, these are precisely those that are interesting. Another tip on the timing of the cards. The new bell tower was built in 1911, the Franciscan study house in 1925 and the Clemens Holzmeister Bridge (stone bridge) in 1927/8.
On the Inn, city views that have the Inn or the Inn bridge (s) as their central content.
View towards Stanserjoch Overall photos of the city taken from the right side of the Inn (Leitenweg, Pirchanger, Arzberg ...)
Detailed views of districts of Schwaz (Surheim, Pirchanger, Siedlung, ...)
Streets / buildings / inns / churches Here you will find street views, photos of inns, as well as postcards of our most important sights, including Schloss Freundsberg, today's town hall, parish church, Franciscan monastery, etc .....
BuildingsDetailed shots of buildings: Schloss Freundsberg, Fuggerhaus, Karankenhaus, barracks (Paulinum), .....
StreetsDetailed views of streets and squares
Pillberg - KellerjochAKs from the mountain fractions and the Schwaz local mountain Kellerjoch (Grafenast, Loas, Hecher, Hubertus, Gamsstein, Frieden, Hochbrunn, ....
ArtDetailed pictures of art objects as well as pictures of the Meistersingersaal
Companies - companies Schwaz as a business location. Postcards and documents from companies, businesses, handicrafts.
Series of pictures by Georg and Wilhelm Angerer and the Kusntverlag
Albums by registered users / private collections In this category you will find albums that have been created by registered users. If you also want to create your own album, you can register under "@" in the main menu item. There you will also find answers to frequently asked questions under "FAQ".
Archive of the City of Schwaz Old postcards and views from the archive of the Silver City of Schwaz. The cards were adopted without any description or categorization. Some of the cards can also be found in other categories. Nevertheless, the city archive is a small treasure trove. Further information can be obtained from the Schwaz City Archives (Mr. Christian Graber)
Schwaz after 1950 Postcards from around 1950 to today. This category is under construction.
Surrounding communities Motifs from the Schwaz planning association - you can find more motifs at
Achensee views from the Achensee region - This section will not be continued under You can find more motifs on the platform
Old postcards from the Zillertal. You can find more motifs on the platform
PhotosSelected photos (no AK format)
For sale Cards from my collection that I like to sell or trade.
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