What does the average woman want

Size zero, plus size or something in between? What size does the average German woman wear? And how tall are most of the German women actually? How many shoes do you have in your shoe cabinet on average?

Everything just average, of course, but quite interesting. Or would you have thought that German women spend an average of 67 days of their entire life digging for things in their handbags? We have more surprising facts!

Most German women wear this size

May we introduce: the average German woman. According to the Federal Statistical Office, Ms. is mediocre 1.64 meters tall, weighs 68 kilograms (BMI: 24.8) and wears size 42/44 - because of size zero (you can see how good that looks with THESE bloggers!)She wears her bra in Cup size 80 C (By the way, every third woman wears a bra that is too small!) and her hair is dark blonde. And who would have thought? She loves shoes and bags! She usually owns around 13 pairs of shoes and spends around 67 days of her entire life rummaging for things in her handbag. The average woman, on the other hand, spends surprisingly little time in the bathroom - she only needs 28 minutes in the morning in the bathroom, which would clearly invalidate a common cliché. Just for comparison: men need around 30 minutes on average. To ask?

This is how many sex partners German women have on average

The average German woman shares her bed with life 6.7 men.When it comes to getting married, the average woman is also getting older. While the average German woman said yes in 2014 at the age of 30.5, she is three years later, that is 2017, already 31.5 years. While the average woman is getting older with her first child (she is now between 30 and 37 years old), the birth rate is increasing. In 2014, the average German woman still got 1.4 children, in 2017 it was 1,59.  

How long do we live on average?

And how long does Ms. Mediocre live? 82.5 years! But honestly, who wants to be average? Therefore: Read, have fun, but don't compare! And of course we don't want to withhold the facts about Mr. Average from you:

The average German man ...

  • ... is 1.78 meters tall

  • ... weighs 82.4 kilos (BMI: 26.1)

  • ... is dark blonde

  • ... has shoe size 44

  • ... has 13 sexual partners in his life

  • ... gets married at the age of 33.6

  • ... is 77 years old

More exciting average facts in Germany

  • The average net household income is 2764 euros

  • 27% of Germans over the age of 15 are smokers

  • Every German drinks 24.3 liters of wine and sparkling wine and 108 liters of beer a year

  • The most common surname is Müller, followed by Schmidt and Schneider

  • When they first have sexual intercourse, adolescents are on average 15.9 years old

  • The average penis length is 14.48 centimeters when erect