Which is the cheapest DSLR

The best DSLRs up to 500 euros: Top 5 of the best list

Anyone who is serious about photography as a hobby will sooner or later not be able to avoid buying a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR). Because DSLRs deliver the best image quality and can be used flexibly.

This is ensured by the tried and tested system components such as lenses, flash units and other accessories. For beginners, it is worthwhile to buy the housing of the DSLR together with a so-called kit lens. Usually it is a zoom lens with a range of focal lengths from a moderate wide angle to a slight telephoto (e.g. about 18-55 mm).

DSLRs with a small price but great performance

Good for consumers: Because the manufacturers of SLR cameras want to retain their customers in the long term, there are many bargains for beginners, especially when it comes to inexpensive housing models.

But which DSLR in the lower price bracket offers the best image quality and performance? To help, we present the five best DSLRs in our gallery, which are currently available in stores at prices below 500 euros. The top 5 include SLR cameras from Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony. Who will be the test winner?

That's how we rated it

The top 5 of the best DSLRs up to 500 euros are based on the ColorFoto best list. The total scores of the JPEG test according to the current test procedure 1.8 (tests from issue 1/2015) were used for the placements. Corresponding values ​​of the RAW test - if available - are also given. The current prices of the DSLRs were determined via the price comparison portal guenstiger.de.

Tip: You can find suitable vouchers and offers at Saturn and Canon.

Further purchase advice

Do you need further decision-making aids when buying a DSLR? Then we recommend our "Buying a DSLR: You should pay attention" guide. When choosing a kit lens, the guide "Buying a lens: What to look out for" is helpful.

Tip:If you are not tied to a single-lens reflex camera, it is worth comparing it to the more compact onesmirrorless system cameras. We recommend the article "Mirrorless system camera: What should you pay attention to when buying?" and "Top 10: The Best Mirrorless System Cameras".

Full frame cameras in comparison

Canon, Nikon and Sony offer system cameras with KB sensors. We have ten devices in comparison.