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Commercial Licenses

Licenses for the commercial use of RP resonator, e.g. B. by companies that manufacture and develop lasers can be purchased from RP Photonics.

The license fee includes 8 hours of technical support (except for RP Fiber Calculator PRO).

Non-Commercial Licenses

Universities and other educational institutions can purchase licenses for non-commercial use at a significantly reduced price if the software is only used for public research (i.e. publicly funded research, the results of which are normally published) and for educational purposes (e.g. in courses on laser technology or fiber optics). is being used. It is not permitted to use such licenses for cooperation with a partner who pursues commercial interests, unless this partner owns a commercial license.

The license fee includes 4 hours of technical support (except for RP Fiber Calculator PRO).

Permanent or temporary licenses

Typically RP Photonics sells permanent (unlimited time) licenses; You pay the license fee once and can then use the software forever. However, we have also been offering time-limited licenses since 2015. In this case the rules are as follows:

New: time-limited software licenses available! Use them for short-term projects or for intensive tests.
  • The duration of the license can be any number of months. The license fee per month is 5% of the amount for a permanent license.
  • The included support time is half an hour per month for commercial licenses and a quarter of an hour per month for non-commercial licenses. (Exception: There is only half as much support time for RP Fiber Calculator PRO.) Of course, you can also use up the entire support time in the first month if you order to use it for several months. It is also possible to buy additional support hours at any time.
  • If you decide to switch to a permanent license within the first three months of the license period, the amount already paid will be completely deducted from the license fee for the permanent license. If you make this decision later, two thirds of the amount already paid will be offset.

If you want to fully test the software before you definitely work with it, you can simply buy a license for a month or two. We assume that you will be completely convinced and then acquire the permanent license without having to spend any additional money on the test phase.

License terms and offers

Updates and Upgrades

RP Photonics software is constantly being developed: details are improved, errors are corrected, etc. Owners of user licenses have a right to free updates the version they bought, even years after they were bought. Others regularly have expensive maintenance contracts for this - we don't.

You receive free updates and only pay for upgrades to greatly improved versions!

If a fundamentally new version appears, the licenses of which are more expensive than the old version, customers receive a fair one Upgrade offer. An upgrade costs little more than the difference between the new and old price of the license.

If a customer declines an upgrade offer, e.g. B. because he does not need the new features, he can still receive updates to the old version. These then look like the new version: the new features are described in the documentation, and the user interface can contain new elements, except that the code for the new features is not there.

Customers are regularly informed of possible upgrades and updates (as well as other interesting things) when they name the newsletter RP Photonics Software news subscribe to.

Technical support

If you use software for complex tasks, competent and helpful technical support is essential. RP Photonics takes this very seriously. For details, see the technical support page.

Demo versions

We are occasionally asked for free demo versions, but we don't offer them. Of course, we understand that before you make a purchase decision you want to know exactly what the product can do for you. That is why we have created various options:

There are a number of ways to get to know the details of our software.
  • There are detailed descriptions on our website. This also includes various videos and countless case studies; consider z. B. the latter for RP Fiber Power.
  • We would be happy to answer your technical questions about the software in detail (e.g. by email or using the software request form).
  • We also offer an online demo for those who are seriously interested, where you can access our screen over the Internet while we talk.
  • If you really want to extensively test the software yourself, you can purchase a time-limited license at very moderate costs (see above).

Another option: advice

You don't necessarily have to have a license to benefit from the software. Instead (or in addition) you can also get advice from Dr. Paschotta received. It can do a lot more for you than any software could: analyzing your data, making suggestions for developing optimized designs, explaining technical limitations, alternative technical approaches, etc. And of course you will get your results even faster.

Of course, you can always purchase a license later. You will then receive all the script files that RP Photonics worked out while working on your project, and you can use them to expand the model or use it with changed parameters.

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