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No adware when downloading: SourceForge discontinues DevShare program

After SourceForge, once the most important software project hosting platform, was taken over by the US web media company BizX at the end of January, the first concrete statements about the new owner's plans are now known. For example, the DevShare program is officially being discontinued.

With the procedure introduced in 2013, developers were able to agree to the integration of third-party software in their download offerings. SourceForge shared the advertising revenues it generated with the developers. The project hoster had made many enemies with DevShare, because it offered the opportunity to bundle the software projects maintained on SourceForge with adware for download. The introduction of DevShare meant that large software projects such as the free image processing program Gimp had been abandoned by SourceForge.

The new owner is now separating from DevShare with the intention of restoring the formerly good reputation of SourceForge. It has been said that getting things right is more important than achieving short-term financial success. Another innovation, which will be briefly mentioned in the margin, is HTTPS support for SourceForge and Slashdot, the discussion portal with user-generated messages that has also been taken over. (ane)

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