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Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl Blossom

Biographical information


  • Fascist Barbie, Cheryl Bombshell, Cher, Cherry Bombshell, President Blossom (by Veronica)
  • The Ice Woman (by Jughead)
  • Sharon (from Nick)
  • Cher-Cher (from Tina)
  • Nightmare child, sick child (by Penelope)
  • Cheryl Bombshell, Babe, Baby (by Toni)
  • Deadeye, Deadeye Blossom (in Gryphons and Gargoyles)
  • Blossom (by Moose)
  • Scorching Hot (by Reggie)


  • High school student (earlier)
  • cheerleader (captain; earlier)
  • Gang member (earlier)
  • Student representative (earlier)
  • President of Riverdale High's LGBTQIA Alliance (earlier)
  • Owner and sole heir to Blossom Maple Farms



Voice actor

  • Magdalena Turba (Season 1)
  • Victoria Frenz from (Season 2)

Cheryl Marjorie Blossom is a main character in Riverdale. She is portrayed by Madelaine Petsch.

Cheryl is the daughter of Penelope Blossom and the late Clifford Blossom, as well as the twin sister of the late Jason Blossom, who mysteriously tragically died on July 11th. Cheryl's relationship with her family seemed rather strained since Jason's death. Her mother accused her of assisting Jason in his attempt to run away from Riverdale, which essentially resulted in his death. Cheryl's father viewed her as a train wreck compared to Jason, who was considered a "golden boy".

She was a student, River Vixens cheerleader, and self-proclaimed queen bee at Riverdale High School, as well as the aunt of Jason and Polly's twin babies. Cheryl is in a relationship with Toni Topaz and has therefore joined the Southside Serpents. However, Cheryl and Toni are later banished from the Serpents by Jughead after breaking the Serpent Code and breaking into the Pembrooke. Since then, she and Toni have formed their own gang, the Pretty Poisons, which was later disbanded, with some again belonging to the Serpents.

After Cheryl freed herself from control of the farm and found out that the Evernevers had excavated Jason's body, she decided to bring her brother's excavated body home and keep him in her family's chapel, where she has daily conversations with her brother and would even run with her entrust him as she would when he was alive. It took weeks struggling with Toni and Penelope's intervention before Cheryl finally said goodbye to her brother and gave him a proper Viking funeral.

After meeting Tonis Nana, who viewed her family as a plague over Riverdale, Cheryl found herself on a path of salvation and inheritance in honor of her family and turned away from both Highsmith College and Toni for the perception of the Blossom family Cheryl believed that she was doomed to an unhappy life.

Character description

Rich, legitimate and never accountable. Cheryl Blossom is a manipulative mean girl who kills with kindness. She recently lost her twin brother in a mysterious accident.

Early life

Cheryl was born in Riverdale with her twin brother Jason to Clifford and Penelope Blossom and grew up with them. During their childhood, the Blossom family had an ongoing feud with the Cooper family, and Jason's involvement in the Cooper's eldest daughter, Polly, only adds fuel to that fire, though the feud later wore off shortly after Cheryl's father died. Cheryl is one of the most popular students at Riverdale High School and is the captain of the River Vixens, a cheerleading troop. She is close friends with Josie McCoy, but she was closer to her brother Jason than anyone else. According to himself, he always protected her. When they were younger, Cheryl always insisted on having a separate birthday, even though she and Jason were twins, until he happened to recommend combining their birthdays for a year. It wasn't until years later that Cheryl discovered the reason why, if she kept it separate, no one would come for her birthday. Not only did he protect her from this one incident, but her entire life.

As a child, Cheryl remembered her mother telling her and Jason stories about the Sugarman before bed, unaware that he was a real person who was heavily involved in her father's drug trafficking operation. Her mother invented the Sugar Man's story to turn an all-too-real monster into a bogeyman for children. Hoping to protect her from the danger that followed the Sugar Man, she and Jason were told to stay in their rooms when he visited Thornhill.

When Cheryl was in middle school, she befriended a girl named Heather. The girls got very close and often had overnight stays. What began as friendship soon turned into love. Unfortunately, Cheryl's mother caught them in bed one night. Penelope got angry and presumably banished Heather from Cheryl's life.

During the Riverdale events


Cheryl is a slender young woman, about 5'6 "tall. One of her most notable features is her long, wavy, ginger-red hair that often covers her left shoulder. She also has amber eyes, full lips, and rather pale skin. Red lipstick is undeniably a defining part of her makeup look. Cheryl also dresses in very fashionable clothes, she usually wears modern, colorful dresses and skirts that show off her slim figure. Cheryl in particular prefers red clothes.


Growing up in a wealthy household, it's not entirely Cheryl's fault that she takes on the typical mean girl / queen bee personality, as she was neglected by her parents when she was a child. She often walks around school like it's hers and she won't hesitate to deny anyone who believes otherwise and to recover from the fear and intimidation she instills of her classmates. Cheryl's more notable personality traits are usually that she is superficial, confident, and compassionate towards those who are close to her. She portrays herself as very selfish in order to mask her insecurities.

First and foremost, Cheryl's biggest concern usually falls on her appearance, she rarely thinks of anyone other than herself, although her brother Jason may have been an exception. She really loved her brother more than anything. Since Cheryl grew up in a wealthy household, people can consider her smart and arrogant. As such, sometimes Cheryl is not as terrible as she leads people to believe. She can be nice, and she has a softer side, though she hardly ever shows it for fear of being hurt. Aside from her relationship with her brother, she also appears to have a very close friendship with Josie McCoy. The two girls are apparently best friends, if not very close. When one asks a favor, the other doesn't hesitate to help his close friend.

After the discovery that Jason was killed by her father and the subsequent suicide of Clifford, Cheryl's state of mind took a drastic turn for the worst. After two people disappeared from her immediate family, she was disturbed and unable to continue her life. Because of this, Cheryl attempted suicide on the Sweetwater River, though her attempt later failed because Archie saved her. After Archie saved her, Cheryl realized she didn't have to kill herself. Although she later recovered mentally, the breakup of her family was too much for Cheryl, she could hardly bear being in Thornhill because it caused too much instability for her because there were so many terrible memories there. To start over, she burned the Blossom mansion down.

After the fall of Thornhill, no one really knew how the fire started but her mother and herself. After Penelope was admitted to Riverdale General Hospital, she blackmailed and threatened her mother, telling her that if she told authorities how the fire started, she would expose what really happened to her father in the barn. Cheryl was done with the abuse her parents gave her. As a result, the darker, more assertive side of Cheryl came to light and declared that she would not take any more of it. The darker side of Cheryl becomes immediately apparent when she even went so far as to constrict her mother's air tube. When she suffocated her mother, she told her the only reason she was breathing and living was because her daughter gave her the air to do it, which meant Penelope could live if things changed for the better.


Jason Blossom

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Cheryl and Jason's bond was almost unbreakable. They were very close and Cheryl described Jason as her 'soul mate'. Since they were twins, they had lived together all their lives, never separated, and after Jason's death Cheryl was devastated. Jason was very protective of Cheryl, both physically and emotionally. When they were younger, Cheryl always insisted on having separate birthday parties, even though she and Jason were twins. For up to a year, he convinced her to combine their birthdays into one. It wasn't until years later that Cheryl discovered that the reason for this was that no one wanted to attend her birthday and Jason didn't want her to be hurt. When Jason learned that Polly was pregnant with his child, they made plans to run away together and help out with Cheryl. s help. However, he never told her that he ran away with his pregnant girlfriend, just that he wanted to leave and that he didn't want her parents to come after him. Since Cheryl is the loving sister who helped Jason run away, it ultimately led to his death at her father's hands. And yet Cheryl remained connected to her brother even in death, going so far as to bring his body home and have casual conversations with him for weeks.

Penelope Blossom

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Veronica Lodge

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  • Madelaine Petsch created a Twitter account for her role as Cheryl called @CherylBombshell, which she tweeted about in season one.
  • Her favorite color is Pantone's Flame Scarlet (# CD212A).
  • Cheryl has a grade point average of 4.0.
  • Cheryl is three minutes younger than Jason.
  • Cheryl wears brooches a lot. Most notable is a red bakelite and brass spider brooch from the 1930s, valued up to $ 700 depending on its condition.
  • Cheryl is a gifted artist, especially when it comes to drawing and painting.
  • Cheryl is a seasoned archer.
  • While Petsch is vegan in real life, Cheryl doesn't seem to be. In Chapter 20: Stories from the Dark Side, she is seen eating a burger at Pop's. Although it could very well be a vegan burger.
  • Cheryl appears to speak French, this is shown several times. A notable moment is when she refers to Toni as "mon cherie", which means "my love" in French.
  • Cheryl's favorite subject at school is history.
  • In the Archie Comics, Cheryl was a controversial, recurring, future main character.
  • Cheryl first appeared in the August 1982 issue of Betty and Veronica # 320 in a story called "Dare To Be Bare."
    • In contrast to the TV series, Cheryl was introduced as a youthful "femme fatale" attitude to shake up the love triangle between Betty, Archie and Veronica a little.
    • Because of this, she has a love-hate relationship with Betty and Veronica.
  • Toni is Cheryl's first female love interest in an iteration and declares herself a lesbian.
    • Throughout the various iterations of the comics, she had many flirtations and love interests, although they were all male, including Archie Andrews, Reggie Mantle, Dilton Doiley, and Moose Mason among the most famous characters.
  • Rumor has it that Cheryl and Jason were written off by previous iterations of the Archie Comics two years after their introduction because it was considered "too sexual" for child readers.
    • Cheryl returned in Veronica, Vol 39, published twelve years later, in December 1994.
  • In the comics, Cheryl and Jason attended the Pembrooke Academy, which is now the name of the building where Veronica and Hermione live.
  • In Cheryl Blossom # 34, a 2013 subsection of the Archie Comics, it is revealed that she usually rescues stray animals and is very fond of her Pomeranian named Sugar.


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