Can you recommend a good vampire novel

The Immortals - Daughter of Darkness

Feedback on the book

really cool
Feedback from: anonymous

The book is totally cool and totally exciting. Sometimes it takes surprising turns, which I think is good. The book is also very exciting. It's suitable for all vampire fans, like me. You can sometimes find yourself in Skyler.

very interesting
Feedback from: Sarah Conrads (13)

I liked the book very much. It's just a shame that it's a sequel, otherwise the book would certainly be suitable for school. The subject is also very interesting and well written.

not bad
Feedback from: Anna Sophie Müller (18)

I don't think the book is bad, even if it is a typical "vampire and girl book" at times. I am waiting for the continuation.

All in all quite nice
Feedback from: Jasmin Julie Müller (13)

The book is about a group of vampires who are not immortal in that sense but are always reborn.
At first I thought, "Oh man, more vampires". After the Twilight furore, I was pretty pissed off. Every author imagines immortality differently, but most vampire books have two clichés: Vampires are beautiful and immortal.
I was a bit surprised when the book turned out to be completely different. It has the two clichés but at least the vampires can stand the sun here.
All in all, it was pretty nice.

not a groundbreaking novelty among vampire novels
Feedback from: Annica Säwe (18)

"The Immortals" is a good vampire novel that one shouldn't hope for too much from.
Vampire novels seem to be the trend among young people's books right now. "The Immortals" follows this trend and contains everything the young readers want: secrets, dead people and of course love (sigh).
The novel is easy to read, offers suspense and has no significant dry spells. The writing style is really good and the plot has the potential to captivate the reader for a short time.
Still, "The Immortals" is nothing out of the ordinary and is simply used for entertainment. Anyone who hopes for a deeper meaning behind the story - no chance!
This book is recommended to all readers who like to read vampire novels, but as I said, it does not offer a groundbreaking innovation among vampire novels!