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How to watch Disney + on LG TVs - Smart TV with webOS


How to install Disney + on LG TVs

There is a large percentage of users who have already registered with Disney +, some paid direct and others are using the platform's seven-day free trial to rate their catalog of series and films . If they are convinced at the end of the trial period, they will sign up.

Among all the users who have started using it, many are using mobile viewing by supporting the simultaneous playback of up to four devices viewing different content. There is no problem in these as there is a dedicated app that only needs to be downloaded and installed according to the platform used. Android or iOS. However, this does not apply to smart TVs.

If you have an LG Smart TV, there are some previous details you need to know. Those who use webOS version 3.0 or higher already have access to the service. The application will be automatically installed on the TV and as a user you just need to look in the bottom bar of the apps to access it. If it didn't, go to the LG App Store.

When you access the LG Content Store all you have to do is use the search engine and enter Disney to find it, if it doesn't currently show up as a featured app. Once installed, you can access all the benefits of the service. If your TV is compatible with 4K UHD and HDR content, you will also enjoy the best possible quality.

What happens to LG TVs whose webOS version is not 3.0 or higher? No application is available in these cases. Hence the solution is too fall back on the use of an external device Here you can install the application that allows access to the service. For example an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV or the like.

Another option is to take advantage of Chromecast support, if offered, or use Google Chrome connected to the TV and broadcast the content from your smartphone or tablet.

How do I find out which version of webOS my LG TV has?

LG Smart TVs have been using webOS as an intelligent platform for years. The problem is that for many users it is not easy to remember which version of the system they are using. Let's see how to find out the exact version. Although through shopping appointments, you can already get an idea.

  • webOS 3.5 or higher is from 2017 models
  • webOS 3.0 is part of the 2016 area
  • Models from webOS 2.0 to 2015
  • webOS 1.0 was released with those of 2014

So if you bought your TV in any of those years, you should already know what version of the system you have. Although it is also true that there are times when you buy ranges from a previous year without even realizing it. You can therefore determine which version of webOS is being used from the television itself.

webOS 1.0

If your Magic Control controller has this arrangement or the launcher (lower application bar) has this interface design, you are at version 1.0

webOS 2.0

As in the previous case, the remote control and the home screen with the application bar help to visually identify the version.

webOS 3.0

Version 3.0 contains this screen and a remote control, the highlight being the arrangement of the central buttons and the lower button, which instead of the microphone symbol contains one for selecting the video source.

webOS 3.5 to 4.5

Finally, controlling the televisions with the latest versions of webOS includes a button from Netflix and Amazon as more recognizable items.