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Schuh-Plattler: "EDM is not an art"

from August 10, 2015
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At least that is what Oliver Koletzkia calls on Facebook for the interview that appeared with him in the world yesterday with the headline "Electronic dance music is not about music". The man, who once caused a sensation with the track "The Mosquito Swarm", now regards history-forgotten and somewhat talented DJ colleagues who blindly follow the calls of the big US corporations under the EDM banner. Where "Cake fights, confetti bombs and pyrotechnics"stand in the foreground, he feels it"as cheek when something like that is called Electronic Dance Music. In Germany we have cultivated our sub-genres such as house, techno or dubstep for years and we summarize everything as electronic music. But EDM has nothing to do with that. EDM doesn't even want to know how house and techno were fought here in Germany and how self-sufficient structures have developed from them. Electric has always been revolutionary, EDM is commercial", so Koletzki.

In his opinion, the old art of DJing suffers massively from the peaks calculated in advance at EDM, which he credibly proves with the commercial interests of large corporations. They are now geared towards minimizing risk and are therefore not interested in potential mood swings in the set. The man from Braunschweig defends the understandable objection that he himself played at such an event three weeks ago at the Parookaville in Weeze, rather weakly: "I had six gigs on the same weekend. I can't check every festival carefully. Also, there was a good label behind the stage that I played on. Friends of mine played there. It wasn't until I got to the festival site that I realized who else was playing there. I started thinking about it and gave my opinion on Facebook."

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Schuh-Plattler"EDM is not an art"

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  • Mysterious5 years ago

    As if Mister Poletzki wasn't looking forward to more fans ...

  • Soundscan 5 years ago

    In itself he's right. But regardless of developments in the USA, you can still cultivate your own idea of ​​electronic music, what's the problem? In addition, in Germany in the 90s and 2000s the worst commercial trash was marketed as techno or house. There has always been an electronic music culture and, at the same time, the commercially exploited offshoot. We can still be happy that the really big EDM hype is rather limited to the states. I would rather see EDM and the local scene as separate phenomena. Well, if I have to perform as a DJ at EDM events (?), Then of course it's annoying.

    • Olivander125 years ago

      I always think it's funny how this trv / oldskool / real ... attitude runs through all genres. EDM reveals the techno culture * mimimimi *. And then hollow phrases like: "Electro has always been revolutionary, EDM is commercial." Marketing at its finest. We're the good guys, that's the bad guys. And none of that would be so bad if it weren't for Oli, whose music is not a bit better, just serves a different niche.



    • User-38454 5 years ago

      The Complextro fan spoke.

    • Olivander125 years ago

      Who said that? I recently rejected Complextro, saying that complexity does not arise from playing eight massive presets in a row.

    • Anagnorisis 5 years ago

      Complexity alone doesn't make music better or worse anyway.

    • Olivander125 years ago

      No, but Oli shouldn't pretend he's part of a "revolutionary" music scene.

    • speedymcs5 years ago

      the two tracks are similarly mass-compatible, but already produced with more love, he used to play them live in a kind of concert tour (but you can hunt me with them). and sometimes he plays quite differently, e.g. https://soundcloud.com/oliverkoletzki/oliv…