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Procedure of the wedding / daily routine - tips & ideas

We have put together a few examples and suggestions for the daily routine of the wedding - plus general tips and a free template with timeline wedding icons. So you can put together your own wedding celebration schedule and make sure you don't forget anything.

At the beginning of the planning, the time and length of the wedding should be determined. Based on this time, you can then plan the necessary time for the Getting Ready and determine the rest of the day (plus the course of the wedding celebration).

The article at a glance:

  1. (Civil and) church weddings
  2. Civil marriage only
  3. General tips for the process
  4. Wedding timeline ideas
  5. Wedding Icons: Free Template with Timeline Icons

1. (Civil and) church wedding

If you only get married in church on your wedding day, you can simply leave out the points about the registry office. Of course, some points (such as getting dressed) may be shifted back a little in time.

Important: In any case, you should make sure that finger food is also offered at a champagne reception, if the time until the right wedding dinner takes a little longer (some guests may have had a long journey and only had breakfast).

Tip: Always end the evening program with the opening dance followed by a party so that people can dance right away.

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Wedding procedure proposal number 1:

08:00 Dressing and bridal styling
10:00 Civil marriage
11:30 Small snack, a little rest
13:00 Church wedding
14:00 Congratulations & champagne reception
15:00 Cutting the wedding cake
16:00 Photo opportunity (bride & groom)
17:00 Photos with family / witnesses, then group picture
18:00 Parents talk, then eat
20:00 Speeches by the groomsmen, followed by a bridal bouquet
21:00 Evening program with guest contributions, music and other entertainment, followed by a bridal waltz
00:00 Midnight snack

Wedding celebration procedure proposal number 2:

08:00 Appointment with hairdresser / make-up artist, then getting dressed
10:00 Civil marriage
12:30 Church wedding with champagne reception
14:00 Photo op
15:30 The bridal couple welcomes the guests, throws the bridal bouquet, and cuts the wedding cake
17:00 Group pictures
18:00 Parents talk, then eat
20:00 Speeches by the groomsmen
20:30 Evening program with guest contributions and other entertainment programs
22:30 Opening dance, then party
00:00 Midnight snack

Wedding procedure proposal number 3:

09:00 Dressing and bridal styling
11:00 Civil marriage
12:00 Photo session (possibly first look, if there is no registry office)
13:00 Small snack, a little rest
14:30 Church wedding
16:00 Welcome the guests with a champagne reception
17.30 Pictures with parents / groomsmen, group picture
18:00 Parents talk, then eat
20:00 Speeches by the groomsmen between the aisles
20:30 Evening program with guest contributions, wedding bouquet and other entertainment
00:00 Cutting the wedding cake, bridal waltz, followed by a party

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2. Wedding procedure: Civil marriage only

Daily routine suggestion 1:

08:00 Dressing and styling
10:00 Civil marriage
12:00 Lunch in the closest circle
14:00 Photo op
18:00 Romantic evening for two

Wedding procedure proposal no.2:

10:00 Dressing up and bridal styling
12:00 Civil marriage with champagne reception (possibly no snacks)
14:00 Photo op
15:30 Cutting the wedding cake, greeting the guests by the bridal couple
18:00 Speeches by the parents, then dinner, speeches by the groomsmen
20:00 Evening program with guest contributions, music and other entertainment, bridal waltz
00:00 Midnight snack

Wedding procedure proposal number 3:

12:00 Dressing and styling
14:00 Registry office
15:00 Photo session with photographer, followed by a break
18:00 Party and finger food
00:00 Midnight snack

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3. General tips for the process of the wedding

All these suggestions for the daily routine for the wedding celebration and civil ceremony are of course exactly that - they are only suggestions that should show you possibilities and suggestions. Put your own wedding schedule together in the way that suits you best, so that you feel comfortable.

When making the schedule, make sure that the breaks and, above all, travel times between the individual points are not too short, but not too long either. Enough time should also be planned in the daily routine for congratulations.

And remember: If everything doesn't go strictly according to the planned daily routine, then don't drive yourself crazy. No wedding sequence is 100% adhered to. It often makes sense to only state the time for the first highlights and then only to mention the evening program in that order.

If you would like to inform your guests about the daily routine of the wedding in advance, please indicate the time highlights in the invitation.

By specifying the taxi service from midnight, for example, the guests can prepare for the fact that they want to stay that long. And the party mice know how long they can stay 😉

Important: In general, plan small time buffers and breaks between the points so that there is no hectic rush (e.g. with a lush wedding dress, going to the toilet is usually more time-consuming and therefore takes longer than expected). As a couple, treat yourself to a few minutes' break away from your guests in between to enjoy a little togetherness and to relax for a moment.

The last item on the program should always be the opening dance if you want a wedding party.

4. Ideas for the timeline at the wedding

You can perfectly communicate the timing of the wedding to your guests with a timeline. You can find several examples here to present the wedding process.

Idea 1: wedding invitation with timeline

If the entire program is already set when your invitation cards are ready, you can inform your wedding guests about the wedding day directly in the invitation.

Idea 2: church notebook with the wedding process

On the last page of your church notebook you can print the daily routine directly or attach a nice sheet with the wedding timeline. So the wedding guests know right in the church how the rest of the day is planned.

Idea 3: sign or canvas with the daily routine of the wedding

With a wedding sign or a canvas (e.g. on an easel), the wedding process is directly visible to all guests. It is best to place the schedule of the wedding directly at the entrance in front of the church and later in front of the wedding location.

Idea 4: drinks menu with a wedding process

If you still have some space on the menu or drinks menu anyway, just put the daily routine of the wedding there.

5. Wedding icons: Free template with timeline icons

We have designed 62 different icons (beautiful wedding symbols) for you, with which you can print your individual schedule perfectly on cards, signs or other wedding stationery. The graphics can be printed to a maximum size of 3 cm and are only intended for private use.

This is how you can print out our timeline icons for the wedding yourself:

Register for our free wedding tips and you will receive the JPG directly via the download link.

Additional tip: 100 wedding checklists

Regardless of whether you are still at the very beginning of your wedding planning or are already at an advanced stage: With the 100 wedding checklists (with helpful tips and a lot of points to tick off) you can't forget anything when planning your wedding!

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