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Eichbaum brewing: everything from the purest and finest

Mannheim's oldest company is firmly established in the region

The silvery-green columns on the Eichbaum site are actually "cellars". At least that's what they are called in brewery jargon, says CEO Eric Schäffer. Because in the fermentation tanks, in which the beer matures, the temperature remains constant - just as it used to be in the deep fermentation cellars.

Every child knows that German beer has to be pure and only contain barley, hops, yeast and water. But here at Eichbaum, every single raw material is also of the finest quality. “We have three 150-meter-deep wells with 5,000-year-old water on the company's premises. We could even fill mineral water, ”says Eric Schäffer proudly. So when Ben Becker's sonorous voice proclaims “Man. Is that a beer, ”the actor and advertising partner probably knows exactly what he's talking about. Eight laboratory workers constantly check all raw materials and meticulously monitor every production step: from mashing to wort boiling to fermentation. Eichbaum also pulls the yeast strains itself. Eichbaum-Brauereien AG, Mannheim, has a total of 360 employees and is one of the largest and most modern breweries in Baden-Württemberg.
Eichbaum brewhouse

Mannheim's oldest company - Eichbaum celebrated its 325th birthday in 2004 - is firmly established in the region and on the regional market. The beer professionals manage many an event - such as the Mannheim City Festival, when the city turns into a lively party mile. Two million hectoliters of light, dark and white products flow out of the brewery every year. A third of this goes abroad, for example to France, Italy, Benelux, the USA and Japan. In Hungary, Eichbaum beer is number one, by the way. Karamalz is good in national business, with an 80 percent share of the German market leader. In the future, the company plans to acquire additional regional breweries. The takeovers of Bellheim and the Park Brewery in the West Palatinate were a big step in this direction.

Eric Schäffer prefers to drink wheat beer, he reveals, even in winter. Eichbaum naturally also has the typical, because it is so refreshingly aromatic, summer beer in the extensive program, in addition to his top Pils Ureich, the mixed drinks, the Feuerio Doppelbock, which is popular in winter