Why is the Ikea delivery service so bad

Why Ikea can't deliver every product yet

Last December marked the end of an era: After 70 years, Ikea discontinued the printed catalog. The reason for this is the same as everywhere: changed usage behavior. In return, a new app, together with other offers, should pave the way for Swedes into a world in which sales run over several channels - "Omnichannel" is what is called in marketing technical German.

The newly developed Ikea app landed at number one on the free app charts with its release on both Android and iOS. First of all, this is probably due to the fact that the release of the app was roughly related to the reopening of the branches after the lockdown. Second, because the app was advertised on various other channels.

The app should offer what the catalog reached its limits. In addition to images, videos can also be displayed. Anyone who gives the corresponding data protection approvals will receive personalized suggestions. It is also possible to deposit your own Ikea Family Card. Because not only at home and on the go, but also in the branch - as an omnichannel tool in your pocket, as it were - you should be able to use the app, as Claudio Winkler, Chief Digital Officer at Ikea Austria, says in an interview with STANDARD.

Shift into the digital world

Yes, wait a minute: why should you even go to the branch in times like these? Why can't everything be shown online? According to Winkler, this is a "systemic issue". Because Ikea comes from the world of physical furniture stores and is now making the shift into the omnichannel world. In recent years, the company has done a lot in the background that the customer does not see in the foreground. "There are many small steps that lead to the big picture," says Winkler. This includes, for example, the topic of logistics.

In the self-test, we had to determine again: The app is nicely designed and reasonably easy to use - but not all products can be delivered when ordering online. According to Winkler, Ikea is constantly working on improvements here - and whether delivery is possible depends on the product.

For example, some products may not be available because they are so-called sensitive products, which means that they require "special care". This includes, for example, glass, but also, for example, food. In other cases, a product cannot be delivered online because it is simply not in stock in the appropriate warehouse.

"Click and Collect" as an alternative

As an alternative to pure online ordering and delivery, Ikea also offers a service called "Click and Collect". This makes it possible to order and pay online and then pick up the product. When the trade was in lockdown and the branches were closed, contactless collection was possible in the branch garages. After the lockdown, this concept was expanded under the name "Click and Collect around the corner" - to include the possibility of collecting the products from partners in the city center instead of on the outskirts. An overview of the pick-up options can be found under this link. (Stefan Mey, March 25, 2021)