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Review9.5 04/23/2021

(Dynamite, RH 407, 2021)

BROILERS - Puro Amor

It is better to check whether the A-side of the 90s tape actually takes the whole 46-minute album with it when copying (there is usually a bit of leeway), because otherwise you will miss the bang finale: the final 60, 70 seconds of song number 14, ´Not on all other days (Live, you die!) ´, leave you speechless, the quasi-essence of "Puro Amor" touches and moves you, unless you are born with a cold heart, you cannot simply nod away or smile - the clarity of the simple words upset, far removed from any banality; who knows what Savatage's ´Believe´ or Savior Machines ´Jesus Christ´ will trigger as the last statement, is right if he puts this BROILERS song in the same row. It may be that some of you smell pathos here, but social distortion beats Slime, the Düsseldorf punk rockers, who started out as Rumpel-Oi! Troupe in 1994, were able to emancipate themselves from overly mild clichés by simply continuing them with a wink , never arrogant or nerdy, but with a wonderful naturalness, which is ensured above all by Sammy Amara's clever lyrics, which you can let yourself melt on your tongue if you want. Two or three times, the musically always blindfold-free excursions sand up a bit (´Loft episodes´, ´Alter Geist´, the only mediocre second single ´Everything will be ok again! ´), with the rest the fiver fires without exception one more time, serious and Sustainable (´ Coming home / Back to me´, ´Porca Miseria´) as well as cheerful (´Dictatorship of the Larks´, ´Nobody is left behind´), and when the wind blows (´Da breaks the heart´, ´Alice and Sarah´), there's no stopping it anyway. The BROILERS refer to “Puro Amor”, their eighth studio work, as the “album about love”. I think the theme of the record that overshadows everything is impermanence. In the end it doesn't matter: “Puro Amor” is above all a companion in a crisis. The understanding friend. And yes, also an encouragement. And that's not pathetic or cheesy - that's vital.