How are metal cans made

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Manufacturing process of 3-piece cans

Tinplate and aluminum sheet are primarily used as material for food cans. Around 70 percent of the tinplate produced worldwide is used for the manufacture of food cans and beverage cans.

The sheet metal is given a coating and then dried in a table oven. The scissors cut the sheet metal to the size necessary for further processing.

The 3-part tin can consists of a tubular body made of tinplate with a longitudinal seam where the can is welded or flanged. The resulting can body is also referred to as a frame.

After filling, food cans are hermetically sealed by flanging. Can sealing machines are used for this, some of which have a large number of individual sealing stations.

After sealing, the cans are pasteurized or sterilized in an autoclave to make them durable.



Special sensors from Proxitron have been integrated into this manufacturing process worldwide for decades.


Take advantage of our many years of experience from numerous projects around the world with manufacturers of canning lines and plant and machine builders for this industry. Can sensors from Proxitron are used a thousand times over, are inexpensive and are particularly easy to adjust with the teach-in technology.

Inductive proximity switches of the type IKK 060 T recognize and control the flow of cans.

Inductive sensor strips Type IKU 015 T or IKU 011 are used along the conveyor lines and ensure optimal delivery from one process step to another and the subsequent logistical process steps through to palletizing.

Inductive proximity switches for applications in the high temperature range monitor the processes in and on the table stove.

Inductive high-performance sensors of the type IKU 003.28 GS4 count several thousand cans per minute (200 Hz) reliably.

Your advantage, your benefit

  • Maintenance free
  • Simple adjustment with the help of teach-in
  • High availability
  • Extremely robust
  • Over 40 years of application experience worldwide
  • Provision of samples for a trial period
  • Application advice / analysis

Practical accessories, especially for canning lines

Select the HM 7 bracket bracket as an accessory. This, in combination with the HM 8 or HM 9 bracket (different sizes), enables the simple installation of inductive sensors of the IKU 0 series in can lines. An adaptation to existing Sencon mounting brackets is possible.

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