How do I get thick mustache

The mustache is out of fashion? Definitely not! So you let it grow and care for it optimally

The mustache is one of the timeless Classics among beard shapes. It is also called mustache, mustache or, particularly elegant, mustache. Even if it is only the hair above the upper lip, there are many different styles of mustache, which have changed over and over again over a long period of time.

Is the mustache still modern?

Absolutely! Even if the mustache celebrated its peak in the 1980s, it is no less modern today. Only the cut of the mustache has changed significantly since then. Nowadays it is seldom worn as a classic, bushy and wide bar as it was back then, but rather more finely styled.

Even if the mustache is much less common than a full beard, it is definitely not out of fashion. It is precisely the fact that this beard shape is not currently worn by everyone that makes it so special. With this beard shape you definitely stand out from the crowd! It is not for nothing that world-famous stars like Brad Pitt or George Clooney often a mustache.

Which mustache shapes are there?

Even if it is a very small area that makes up the mustache, you can still find a lot of shapes and sizes Combinations make of it.

You can experiment with the length of your hair and also with the width of your beard. The most important things about a mustache are those Beard tips. If you want to look particularly noble, you can imitate the gentlemen from England and twirl them upwards.

Incidentally, the mustache is not only available individually, but also in combination with other beard shapes. Especially those Mixture of goatee and mustache will be happy in the form of a Gag or Anchor Bartes carried. Iron Man actor Robert Downey Junior is a prominent example here.

Especially if you are not sure whether you like a single mustache, these beard shapes are perfect for touching on the style.

How do you grow a mustache?

Fortunately, the hair below the nose is one of the hairs that grows particularly quickly in most men. In addition, there are seldom holes or less densely vegetated areas. This is also the reason why the Do not pay much attention to the growth of the mustache got to.

All that is said here is: wait and see and let your hair grow. This should depend on the strength of the hair growth take about 4 weeks. You should shave all other parts of the face and be a little careful at the ends of the beard.

Make sure that the tips stay symmetrical while shaving and that you don't accidentally cut too much hair on one side. Furthermore, the mustache will also grow over the lip, which is a bit annoying at first. These The best way to trim your hair is with scissors. Make sure that you only free the natural shape of the lip from hair and not cut off too much.

If you change your mustache in the future twirl then you just have to Let hair grow a little longer. This also includes the hair that grows over the upper lip. You can then comb these to the side with Beard wax fix something and then twirl the ends of the beard.

Even if the mustache looks impressive, it is a very simple beard shape in which you can basically do everything important yourself. With a little sensitivity and skill in front of the bathroom mirror at home, you will be spared regular visits to the barber.

Mustache grooming

Fortunately, the mustache is also relatively undemanding in terms of care:

  • To look well-groomed, you should regularly use the Clean the contours of the mustache.
  • The hair that grows over the upper lip should be trimmed regularly. Fine beard scissors are good for this. Just be careful not to cut your lip.
  • The mustache is very rarely itchy compared to the full beard. Still, it doesn't hurt, every day a drop of beard oil to incorporate. This gives the beard a light shine, a pleasant smell and helps against drying out of the skin. This is particularly prone to this on the upper edges of the mustache and can in the worst case develop slight dandruff.
  • Of course you should yours Wash mustache regularly. Since it is a very small area, warm running water is usually sufficient for this. However, you can also use a mild shampoo every 1 to 2 weeks.